Top 25 Blogs For Best Hair Removal Products In 2017

Top 25 Hair Removal Product Blog

Unwanted hair growth can be a tricky problem for most of us. There are numerous hair removal methods today like epilation, waxing, shaving, laser hair removal, electrolysis and depilatory creams that can be done at home.


With a myriad of gadgets like epilators, shavers, trimmers, razors, laser devices etc., it can be an overwhelming experience to choose the right method and device for your needs.

One must look for the brand, features, technology, price, skin type ease of use, portability before finally buying the right product. A good hair removal blog is very useful as they feature different hair removal methods and the best devices.

They not only save you from exhaustive product research, but also your time and money. You can easily decide on the best product for your needs from their reviews, user experience and ratings.

Here are the top 25 blogs you should be reading to find your next hair removal device.

Epilator Girl


Denisa who calls herself an epilator girl, runs the blog sharing her tips on epilation and reviews the latest epilators available today. Major top brands are covered and you can find the all the information on epilators and the best ones for different body areas.

All Her Things


Sophia is passionate about beauty, health, fashion, lifestyle and hair trends and wants to help women in making a better decision by providing valuable tips and information. Ladies can find quality product reviews of epilators, laser hair removal devices and other hair related products.

Hub Names


They are multi product review site featuring a wide variety of topics like health, beauty, home, kitchen, power tools, sport and outdoors. The beauty section has good reviews of hair removal devices for ladies like epilators, electric shavers and safety razors for men.



Mark also known as "Mantic59" started the blog after getting inspired by a great shave at an old style barbershop. This is a great place for men to learn the art of shaving with a safety razor. It has everything you need for wet shaving like product reviews, training videos and even podcasts.

Hair Free Life

Hair free life

As the name suggests this blog contains all the products and details, you need for hair-free life. It covers male and female hair removal products in great detail and almost all type of devices and methods available today. The blog also has good information guides on each type of hair removal methods.

The Beauty Tonic


Estelle a cosmetology graduate along with Nicole a makeup artist runs this blog covering makeup, beauty, natural beauty products, hair and skin care. Ladies can find good product reviews and tips for epilation, waxing and laser hair removal.

Prim and Prep


Ben rose a wet shaving enthusiast himself created the site for providing guidance and advice on male grooming. They have excellent articles of safety razors, straight razors and other male grooming accessories and is a must follow for men who love wet shaving.

Groom and Style

Groom and Style

They started as a fashion blog which has grown to feature entertaining and informative content related to luxury, style, beauty, grooming, fitness and home life. The blog has excellent review sections which cover most of the hair removal products for men and women.

A Smooth Life


Jackie created the blog as a community for helping women address their hair removal needs. It has detailed reviews of epilators, waxing kits, hair removal creams, laser hair removal and good informational articles.

Laser Hair Removal


Amy shares her experience in using laser hair removal devices which according to her offers the best permanent hair removal solution. The blog has detailed reviews of most of laser hair removal devices and is a good place to start for those who want to break free from repeated waxing and shaving.

Diva Tool Kit

Diva toolkit

This is a blog for women specializing in hair removal methods like epilation, shaving, waxing and hair removal creams. You can find good product reviews of epilators, razors, waxing kits and hair removal creams.

Best Lady Shaver


Ellie’s goal is to help fellow ladies pick the right shaving tool for a silky smooth skin. The site features reviews of many hair removal devices like epilators, trimmers, shavers, laser devices, safety razors and even personalized gift ideas.

Chic Parlour


Sarah aims to answer all your epilator queries and other hair removal needs like waxing and shaving. The blog can help you find specific devices or methods depending on the area you are trying to make hair-free like face, bikini area, legs and arms.

Hair Removal Blog


Ginny has been an advocate for hair removal for 5 years and shares her experiences and advices here. It has detailed reviews of laser hair removal devices and electrolysis hair removers. Also there are good articles on facial hair removal and home remedies.

Shaver List


This blog has great reviews of all types of electric shavers for men and women. You can also read more about specific trimmers for body, beard, nose and ear. Epilators are also featured along with brand specific product reviews.

Grooming Essentials Blog


Garrick founded this blog who believe grooming is an art which is essential for a great life. The site has great tips and guides for wet shaving and manscaping. There are product reviews on razors, shaving creams and brushes.

Epilator Judge


Helen who is a former model share her epilator experiences to help woman find the best for their needs. You can find detailed reviews with pros and cons of each epilator along with useful tips and guides on getting the best out of your epilator.

Laser Hair Advice


Ann Goldstein is the author and founder of this blog which aims to help you find the best laser and IPL devices in the market for long lasting hair-free skin. She reviews top home laser hair removal devices with pros and cons of each.

All About Razor


This blog aims to answer all your queries regarding razors and shaving. You can know about types of shaver and razors available and detailed product reviews of different shavers, safety razors, straight razors and razor blades.



This is multi product review blog covering grooming, home and garden, kitchen and fitness. It has detailed product reviews of wide variety of hair removal products for men and women.

Live Beauty Health

Live beauty health

The blog was created with a mission to provide in-depth information and advice on beauty and health. Reviews of popular hair removal products like epilators, trimmers, laser devices are featured here.

Epilator Advisor

Joan Smith

Joan Smith who calls herself an epilator expert runs this blog dedicated for epilators. You can find detailed reviews of different epilators from top brands.

Epilator Central

Epilator central

This is another dedicated blog with detailed reviews for helping you find the best epilator for women. Also they have good epilator guides and comparison studies with other methods.

Miss Shave a Lot

Miss shave a lot

A good blog where you can find more details about epilators, laser hair removal devices, razors, waxing and hair removal creams for women. You can find good tips and guides on epilation, shaving and waxing. 

Smooth Skin Lab

Smooth Skin lab

Hair removal products like epilators, laser devices, and trimmers are reviewed here. They have good comparison study and individual product reviews of top selling devices.

 We believe these blogs contain useful resources and solve all your hairy problems. 

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