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His King Her Queen Couples Bracelet
Last updated on April 7, 2022
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Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation gift, anniversary, Valentine’s or you just feel like being spontaneous a pair of King and Queen couples bracelets is always going to be a great gift!

Presents are hard to find, aren’t they?

Sure, for women there’s flowers, chocolates, perfume and for men, there’s socks and cologne but if you want to get something a little out of the ordinary it can be very difficult.

Jewellery always makes a great gift but what if you want something that you can share together? Read more about King and Queen bracelets here.

That’s why King and Queens couples bracelets are the perfect choice!

Her King and His Queen Couples Bracelets

They come in a variety of styles and are sure to become treasured keepsakes you’ll look back on in years to come.

Let’s look at how you can pick the best King and Queen couple bracelets and check out some of the best bracelets available today.

The Material 

One of the best things about King and Queen couples bracelets is that they can be made from a variety of different materials. For example, this pair from Sheown jewellery is made from stunning stainless steel.

While this pair from Florence Scovel is made from rose gold, that’s just a small sample of the possible materials though.

You’ll find King and Queen bracelets made from a variety of different materials like twine, beads, and titanium.

The Colour 

Because there are so many different material options when it comes to buying a pair of king and queen couple’s bracelets there is also a wide-range of different colours available.

Black and white are one of the most common pairings used like this pair of bead bracelets but that’s just the beginning.

It might take a little searching, but you can find his and her bracelets in all kinds of colours and fashionable styles.

The Style 

Bracelets are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery and they come in a wide array of different designs and styles. Some have a more minimalist design like these bracelets from Etsy which use the infinity symbol to great effect.

While others use engravings to add a more personal message like these bracelets from Designer Inspired. Beaded bracelets, on the other hand, use a more symbolic design usually without using engravings of any kind.

The Cost

His and hers King and Queen bracelets are available for a wide-range of prices you can find a more unusual or unique design on Etsy for a fair price like these rope and leather bracelets.

Or go for a more expensive pair like this gold-plated infinity style bracelet from Not On The High Street.

If you’re really on a budget then don’t worry because there are still his and her bracelets available you might just have a few less options.

For example, this beaded pair is available for a great bargain price! They might be a little cheesy, but they’ll be sure to brighten anyone’s day and they are certainly romantic so if you’re looking for the perfect couple’s gift these bracelets are the ideal choice.

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