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face epilator
Last updated on May 14, 2023
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Best face epilator

You’ve seen some hairs on your face and want to get rid of them.

If scissors and tweezers are not doing the job that you want, it may be time to look for a best epilator for face!

Let’s get started…


Facial epilators are a good alternative to shaving and waxing, and they can give you the smooth hair-free look that you desire.

Epilators pull out hairs from the roots, fully removing them and keep them gone for several weeks at a time.

Currently, there are epilators on the market that can help you with any type of facial hair from peach fuzz to fine hairs to coarse hairs.

Here we have searched for the best facial epilator  to suit your needs and reviewed 5 top rated models you might find useful.

Read on to learn more about them so that you can choose the right one for your needs and budget.

The Best Facial Epilators Comparison 






Our Rating

Emjoi Epi Slim Tweeze E6

Emjoi Tweeze E6




Braun Face 820

Braun Face 820


1 AA


Braun Silk Epil 9-579

Braun Silk-Epil 9-579




Emjoi Epi Slim+ E18

Emjoi Epi Slim+ E18


2 AA


Remington EP1050CDN

Remington EP1050CDN


1 AA


Top 5 Best Epilator for Face 2017-2019

1. Emjoi Epi Slim Tweeze E6

Emjoi Epi Slim Tweeze E6

The Emjoi Slim Epilator Tweeze E6 is a compact and powerful epilator for removing hair from delicate areas including face. It claims to have a high number of 180 tweezer actions per second compared to other epilators.

If you are looking for an epilator to keep up quickly with hair growth, this Emjoi epilator may be the best face epilator for you.

With an “eRase Glide Technology” and a patented 3 disc system it can remove even the shortest hair (0.3 mm) and finest hair with least irritation making it suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

The 6 tweezer epilator can remove hair the first time from areas like upper lip, chin, bikini line and underarms. It can even be used for touchups on legs.

Because it can easily reach around the angles on your face, it can be a great choice for women who need to remove hair in hard-to-reach locations that a razor could not easily reach.

Emjoi Tweeze results can last for weeks at a time, leaving your skin smooth. It has a 14 mm disc opening which is the ideal radius to remove hair. The patented 3 disc system contains one fixed disc and the other discs open and close to gently stretch the skin for more comfort.

The skin glide technology lifts and removes hair by gliding the tweezers back and forth in circular motion for a smoother and gentler epilation. Due to this the Tweeze E6 will leave few or no ingrown hairs as it goes across your face, meaning you won’t have to do any painful tweezing or waxing touch-ups after using it.

Even if you have fair skin, you will probably not have to worry about redness after using this epilator. Because hairs are removed completely, the process causes little irritation to sensitive skin.

The way that this epilator grabs hairs to remove them makes it best for removing slightly longer and thicker hairs, so it will take a little more effort using it to remove peach fuzz as it will be for coarse hairs.

You can expect normal level of pain associated with using epilators and it is slightly loud as well. Accuracy is average and can be difficult to get good precision on areas like eyebrows and upper lip.

This epilator uses 2 AAA batteries, so you can take it with you to make quick touch-ups to your face throughout the day and travel with it. It is also powerful enough to remove coarse hair from underarms and bikini areas with ease.

This is one of the less-expensive epilators on the market today and can be a great choice for you.

Review Snap : Emjoi Epi Slim Tweeze E6


+ Tweezers - 6

+ Wet/Dry-  Dry

+ Power- 2 AAA                Battery(Not                  included)


+ eRase Glide                  Technology

+ Patented 3-Disc            system

+ 180 tweezer                 actions per second



+ Value for money


+ Excellent


  • Light weight, portable
  • Removes fine, peach fuzz and thick hair
  • Less expensive


  • Battery Operated
  • Loud during use
  • Less precise and difficult to use on eyebrows and upper lip areas

Verdict : Inexpensive and practical with good results makes it our top pick 

2. Braun Face 820

Braun Face 820 pack

The Braun Face 820 is a small elegant looking epilator, about the size of an electric toothbrush that comes with interchangeable epilator and skin-cleansing brush heads.

It is the newer version of the Braun Face 810 which was the world’s first facial epilator and cleansing brush system.

The exchangeable heads can make this tool a good choice for women who have dry skin or who want to use the epilator and then clean their faces before putting on makeup.

It has 10 micro-openings to remove hairs, and this allows it to have 200 hair-plucking motions per second. It does this by opening and closing small slits that grab hairs to fully remove them.

This technique makes it useful for coarse facial hair, fine hair or shorter (0.2 mm) peach fuzz hairs. In fact, it claims to be able to remove hairs shorter than those wax can catch!

Braun Face models have a unique design with the epilator head perpendicular to the device head instead of the normal positioning at the top. This allows better contact with skin and easier to epilate in narrow spaces like upper lip and eyebrow areas.

This is one of the least painful epilators and is gentle on sensitive skin. See it in action below.

Another feature to note is the operation of switch that can rotate the head in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions. The arrows indicate the direction in which the head moves.

So make sure to align the epilator on your face so that the arrow on switch is pointing in opposite direction of hair growth. This can be confusing in the beginning but with some practice you can get it right.

The Braun Face 820 is one of the best face epilators for women who like to travel. It comes with a cap to put on the top so that you can take it with you throughout the day. It is also waterproof, so it can be used in the shower. The noise levels are also the least among the best facial hair epilators.

Best facial epilator

The cleaning brush head is a wonderful add-on that works as an exfoliator. The 10,000 bristles brush can clean your skin 6 times better than manual cleansing leaving your skin smoother, cleaner and suppler.

A cleaner skin will help remove the hair easily and regular use prior to epilation is recommended. The brush is even suitable for those with sensitive skin.

This epilator costs about twice the price of the Emjoi Epi Slim, and although it is more expensive, it also uses batteries more quickly.

It works on a single AA battery and if you want to use this epilator, you will need to be prepared to have many batteries ready to replace the ones it eats up quickly. 

Review Snap : Braun Face 820


+ Tweezers - 10

+ Wet/Dry- Wet &         Dry

+ Power- 1 AA                  Battery(included)

+ Extras- Facial                 cleansing brush &       brush refill                 


+ Unique elegant             design

+ 200 plucking                motions per seond



+ Expensive


+ Very Good


  • Light weight, portable, good design
  • Removes fine, peach fuzz and coarse hair
  • Good precision, least noise and pain


  • Poor Battery Life 
  • Expensive

Verdict : Though expensive, it scores for looks, design and removes all hair types                                    efficiently which makes it one of the best  

3. Braun Silk Epil 9 (9-579)

This epilator, although one of the most expensive, can also be one of the most effective choices.

It has the largest epilator head out of any on this list as it is basically a full body epilator with 40 tweezers but a facial cap converts it to a facial epilator.

The Braun Silk Epil 9 is one of the best epilators for face and body today and is quite effective for removing your facial hair!

It removes hairs with what it calls "MicroGrip tweezer technology", gently vibrating as its pivoting head grips hairs and pulls them out by the roots. The vibrating massage rollers makes the epilation more gentle and comfortable for your skin.

Although it has a wider head which is not suitable for using on face directly, the facial cap attachment limits the tweezer actions to a smaller area. This enables it to pull few hairs at a time making it suitable for your face.

If you need to remove very light or fine hairs, this may be one of the best epilators for face. It even comes with a built-in LED light that you can use to see small hairs that other epilators might miss.

The Silk Epil 9 also removes coarse hair with ease as it is designed as a full body epilator. It can be painful for some due to the higher power so test the pain levels by using it first on your cheeks.

best epilator for face

Like the Braun Face 820, it can be used wet or dry, so you can use this epilator or any of the 7 extras that come with it in the shower.

Extras include a shaver and trimmer for the tiniest hairs, even those that wax cannot remove. An exfoliating face brush is also provided that works on 2 AA batteries.

Unlike battery-operated epilators, this epilator operates without cords after charging. One hour of charging gives about forty minutes of usage time.

The rechargeable battery is an useful feature that can make you consider this model even though it is bulkier and difficult to use on face than normal facial epilators. Also it can take care of your body hair along with facial hair which makes it one of the best epilator for facial hair.

Review Snap : Braun Silk Epil 9-579


+ Tweezers - 40

+ Wet/Dry- Wet &         Dry

+ Power-                             Rechargeable Li-         ion battery (40             min usage)

+ Speed settings -2


+ MicroGrip                       tweezer                            Technology

+ Pivoting Massage        heads

+ Built-in LED light

+ 7 Extra                               attachments



+ Most expensive


+ Excellent overall 


  • Rechargeable,cordless , built-in light
  • Removes fine, peach fuzz and coarse Hair
  • Good results for whole body


  • One of most expensive models
  • Can be painful on face
  • Cannot use while charging

Verdict :Best all round epilator available for body and face that is worth its high cost

4. Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18(AP-14LC)

Emjoi Epi Slim+ E18

The Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18 is one of the cheaper options for face epilators. It uses 18 tweezer disks rotating in a circular motion at a rate of 540 tweezer actions per second to remove hairs.

It strives to increase comfort through a patented 3 disc system in which one disk remains still while two open and close to grab hairs. Using three disks in rotation can help alleviate stretching and pinching pains.

Its "Erase Glide Technology" is meant to make the epilating process as comfortable as possible while still removing hair from the root to leave a smooth face for more than a month at a time. It has one of the highest number of tweezers for a face epilator thereby pulling out more hair with ease in a single stroke.

This is one of the best epilator for facial hair, so if your hair is thin or coarse, this can get the job done. It can remove coarse hairs well due to larger number of tweezers, but cannot remove peach fuzz easily.

Also, it cannot be used on eyebrows or forehead unlike the Braun Face. It is powered by 2 AA batteries making it easy to carry around. You will experience normal level of pain and it is less louder than the Emjoi epi slim model.

Because this is one of the cheaper epilators on the market, it does not come with extras, and the epilator head cannot be removed. This can make cleaning the epilator challenging. If you want an epilator that you can clean up easily, one with a removable head will probably be a better choice for you.

If you are looking for a good cheap epilator, this can be a good option.

Read our detailed review of Epi Slim+ e18 here.

Review Snap : Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18


+ Tweezers - 18

+ Wet/Dry- Dry

+ Power- 2 AA                  Battery(Not                  included)


+ eRase Glide                  Technology

+ Patented 3-Disc            system

+ 540 tweezer actions    per second



+ Value for money


+ Very Good 


  • Light weight, portable, high number of tweezers
  • Removes fine and coarse hair
  • Less expensive 


  • Battery Operated
  • Loud , painful
  • Less precise and difficult to use on eyebrows and upper lip areas

Verdict : Inexpensive choice for removing fine and thick facial hair

5. Remington EP1050CDN

Remington EP1050CDN

This is one of the cheapest epilators for face and can be a good choice for those who are not so sure if they really want to use an epilator on their face.

The EP1050 is lightweight, handy and comes with 6 tweezers. It is powered by a single AA battery and is not waterproof.

The epilator is not very powerful and is best for removing fine hair and peach fuzz. You will require multiple passes to achieve the desired results.

It can be difficult to remove coarse hair and very short hair with this model. Due to lack of precision, you won’t be able to use on eyebrows or forehead areas.

The pain level is normal and operational sound can be loud for some people. For effective hair removal always pull your skin tight so that the tweezers can easily pluck the hair. The nice fact about this model is its small size that makes it easy to use on your face and travel friendly.

This model is quite inexpensive and offer average performance when compared to other models here but is a good choice especially for beginners.

Review Snap : Remington EP1050CDN


+ Tweezers - 6

+ Wet/Dry- Dry

+ Power- 1 AA                  Battery(Included)


+ Ergonomic shape

+ Protective cap



+  Good value for money


+ Good 


  • Light weight, portable
  • Removes fine hair and peach fuzz 
  • Least expensive


  • Poor Battery life and less power 
  • Multiple passes required to remove hair
  • Less precise and painful to use on eyebrows and upper lip areas

Verdict : Cheapest in our list ,average performance and results

Useful Tips For Using an Epilator on Face

You need to take extra care while using an epilator on your face as it may cause swelling or be painful if not done properly. Here we list some of the things to keep in mind while using a facial epilator. 

  • Make sure that the length of hair being removed is at least 3-5 mm long so that the epilator can pull out the hair completely. Normally you can epilate once every 2-3 weeks depending your hair growth.
  • Exfoliating your face regularly is quite essential for smooth hair removal. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from your body, revealing fresher skin underneath. You can use any of mechanical methods using scrubs, loofah etc and chemical exfoliators containing glycolic, salicylic or lactic acids.
  • Exfoliation also removes any makeup, dirt and oils from your skin and making it easier for the epilator to better grip and pull out the hair. It will also help to prevent any ingrown hairs and increases the effectiveness of products you apply on face.
  • Most facial epilators are not waterproof and it is better to keep your hair dry for best results. You can use the wet and dry models in bath if you want to reduce the pain.
  • Avoid epilating over dry flaky skin, acnes and pimples as it may worsen them further.
  • Always hold the epilator perpendicular to your skin and move it slowly and gently in opposite direction of your hair growth. You don’t have to press too hard on your skin either.
  • Keep your epilator head clean and dry to prevent any skin infections. You can use an alcohol cleaner or the cleaning brush provided with the epilator.
  • Moisturize your skin with anti-bacterial creams or oils after epilation to soothe the skin and prevent any infection as the pores will be open after epilation.
  • Avoid makeups, sun exposure, perfumes and other face products immediately after epilating and it is better to do it at evening time so that by morning any swelling would have come down.

Buying Factors for a Face Epilator 

Facial epilators remove unwanted hair by plucking it from the root. If you have hair on your lips, chin, ears, or other places on you face, a face epilator can help you to get rid of it. Some epilators can even be used to touch up shaved legs or bikini lines as well!

Yes, pulling hair out by the root can be a bit painful at first for those new to using face epilators, but the slight pain is something that most women, even those with sensitive skin, get used to and report feeling less over time.

Skin Type- Most women find that facial epilators are worth the pain because they are fast, remove hair for a long time, and are less expensive than waxing treatments! Even if you have sensitive skin, there are facial epilators designed to minimize the pain of hair removal.

As you are considering which face epilator to purchase, you need to consider if you would like an epilator that works for sensitive skin.

Facial Hair Type- You will also need to consider what kind of facial hair you want removed–is it coarse and dark, or is it light peach fuzz? And you will need to consider what areas you need hair removed from and what kind of epilator will best reach those areas.

Portable- Most dedicated facial epilators are generally compact, lightweight and portable. These are usually battery-powered and you will need to stock on batteries if you are travelling.

Type of Epilators- There are some whole body epilators which are suitable for face by putting on a facial cap. They will be more powerful and will have rechargeable batteries. Wet and dry feature is useful for those who want to reduce the pain by using in a shower.

Lastly you need to consider how much you are willing to invest on a face only epilator or a full body epilator depending on your needs.

To Conclude

The kind of epilator you decide to buy depends on your facial hair needs and how much money you are willing to spend. Overall, the Emjoi Epi Slim Tweeze E6 offers the best value for your money.

While being one of the cheaper epilators on the market, it has the ability to grab fine and thick hairs. It also has long-lasting battery life and can be taken traveling, which allows you to make easy touchups to your look at any time without waiting for a charge.

Braun Face 820 is another popular choice due to its aesthetic looks and design. Though more expensive with poor battery life, it is easy to use and has high precision. If you are looking for the best epilator for face that removes all hair types, then Braun Face 820 is one of your best options. 

Epilator For Face FAQ

Which epilator is best for facial hair?

It is best to use an epilator designed for removing facial hair rather than a whole body epilator. Our top picks for the best epilators for facial hair are the Emjoi Epi Slim Tweeze E6 which offers the best value for money and the Braun Face 820 though expensive offers a comfortable use with high precision.

Should you epilate your face?

You can use epilator on your face but extra care should be taken as the skin on face is sensitive and may cause swelling. It can be painful if not done properly, so use only facial epilators that can help you remove type of facial hair from peach fuzz to fine hairs to coarse hairs.

Which brand epilator is the best?

The best brands for epilators are Braun, Emjoi, Remington, Panasonic and Philips. We recommend Braun as the best brand among these due to their aesthetic design, good build quality and long lasting performance.

Does epilator remove hair permanently?

An epilator does not remove hair permanently as the removed hair will grow back over time but as it can remove hair from the root, it gives long lasting results. It can last up to 4 weeks but you can epilate once you hair starts growing and reach around 0.5 mm so that you can maintain your hair free smooth skin.

  1. Previously I was using an epilator which was not specially made for faces and it hurt a lot more than the ones you reviewed. Thanks to this post you made, I picked the Braun Face 820 and it is so much better for my face, more gentle and faster than my previous epilator.

    Thanks you so much for doing this review.


  2. The Braun Face 820 reminds me a lot of the Venus one I bought at Target a few months ago and it just didn’t work for me. I have thick whiskers so if you have thicker facial hair you want to remove, stick with one of the larger designed ones like the Braun Silk Epil 9-579. That is the one I use now and I LOVE it! I also use it on my bikini line too. It isn’t terribly painful but it does hurt. You get used it after a few uses though.

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