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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber spatula
Last updated on February 12, 2022
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People, let’s talk blackheads and all the underlying skin issues. Cringe.

Most of us suffer from blackheads, damaged and clogged skin, and stubborn breakouts.

We scrub, scrub, scrub, and follow all the tips and advice, and nothing changes.

So what gives?

Could there really be a device that will help you solve your skin problems? You feel like you’ve tried everything! But, have you tried an ultrasonic skin scrubber?

What is an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber or Spatula?

An ultrasonic scrubber is a small handheld device with a metallic spatula that vibrates ultrasonically (up to 30,000 Hz) to remove dead skin cells, dirt and grime away.

It also extracts clogged pores without any pain. You can get rid of blackheads and whiteheads too with these handy gadget! They also allow your skincare products infuse deeper into the skin for maximum results.

The best thing is that they do this in a gentle manner without peeling your skin off making them top choice for those with sensitive skin!

By using a best ultrasonic skin scrubber spatula, your skin will be cleaner than ever and on the way to a long lasting clear skin journey!

Top 10 Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Comparison







Our Rating

Gugug ultrasonic scrubber

Gugug (4 Modes)









Gugug spatula 3 mode

Gugug (3 modes)










Touch Beauty









TrophySkin Labelle

Trophy Skin Labelle















Kingdom Cares




Top 7 Best Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Spatula Reviews

But where do you even start looking?

You’ve only just heard of these crazy devices now. To make you revolutionary skin journey a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 best ultrasonic skin spatulas to help you choose the best for you.

1. Gugug Skin Scrubber Spatula (4 modes)

The Gugug skin scrubber is a sleek handheld device that sounds funny and may look a little scary, but don’t worry!

This is one the best ultrasonic skin spatula that was designed to power-wash your pores and extract debris from your skin while exfoliating your face during your treatment.

 Use the power of 24,000 vibrations per second to get rid of that dirt and buildup that causes those trick breakouts and makes your skin appear dull.

No more pricey extractions at the spa or some stranger picking at your face. Use this device and feel like a pro when you see your skin change right before your eyes!

The Gugug ultrasonic skin spatula can be used in 4 different “modes” which can be combined together for the ultimate skin routine.

The main element is the spatula, which is 100 percent stainless steel, but is not sharp and will not harm you! The spatula head works as a cleanser if used in downward direction where it pushes and for uplifting if used in upward direction more like a shovel.

All you have to do is gently glide the edge of the spatula along your skin (skin must be warm and wet) and watch as your pores are cleaned easily! It will build up onto the spatula so just wipe clean with alcohol when scrubbing is done!

The 4 modes are cleansing, lifting, ion plus and ion minus modes.

In cleansing mode you gently move the spatula to remove dirt, dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads. Use a facial steamer, hot towel or wash with warm water to open the pores first.  Then you can apply a cleanser or serums and use the spatula held at 30 to 45 degree angle in downward motion to push out all the impurities.

Lifting mode is for massaging your skin and helps to reduce appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. It uses EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology to pass microcurrent that works out specific muscle groups for a firmer, more lifted skin.

Apply a skin firming or massage cream, hold the spatula head upwards and pull inwards to lift the skin as you move the spatula across the face.

The ion plus mode is used for deep pore cleansing. Apply cleanser to the skin, select ion plus mode, and use for 10 minutes as the scrubber cleanses the skin.

It is an ion leading out process in which opposite charged dirt is pushed out of skin for skin whitening and pore cleansing. Follow instructions on the direction and way to push this device into your skin. 

Lastly, there is infusion mode or ion minus mode. Apply your favorite Vitamin C serum or lotion onto your face, make sure the spatula is placed flat against your skin, and feel as this device taps all that excess product into your skin for maximum hydration and absorption! Cleanse your face, add some toner, and enjoy your new skin!

Gugug has a rechargeable battery, and comes with an usb cord that enables charging via the usb port on device. The device needs to be charged for at least 2 hours before use and it will auto shutdown after 10 minutes of usage. As the device cannot be used while being charged, you may need to charge multiple times if you have a lot of area to cover.

Like any new device, the skin scrubber spatula will need some practice to get the best results. Overall, the Gugug skin scrubber gives excellent results for a device at a good price and can be a great tool to have in your beauty arsenal!

2. Meeteasy


Meeteasy ultrasonic face spatula works through ultrasonic high frequency vibration and mild heating. This is another best ultrasonic skin spatula that will clean your skin quickly and thoroughly and will help to promote blood circulation.

 By doing all of this, your skin will gradually appear lifted and it will improve your pores, exfoliate your dead skin, and frim and improve the skins elasticity.

Meeteasy scrubber spatula has 3 modes cleansing, lifting and moisturizing. In cleansing mode, operate the facial skin ultrasonic scrubber at a 45 degree angle and through high frequent vibrations

The shovel-type tip will clean impurities and oil which are deep in the skin. It will remove buildup, corneum, fat granule and acne. Don’t forget to wet your face for smooth device movement.

Pressing the “power/mode” button you can access the skin lifting mode. Slowly move the device in the appropriate directions for 5 minutes for reducing wrinkles or for a quick massage.

Moisturizing mode helps your skin to absorb various serums and lotions more efficiently.

Once your scrubber session is complete, skin can feel quite dry. So make sure you moisturize the skin adequately by splashing cold water and using a toner or moisturizer.

Meeteasy spatula device can be recharged via an usb port making it easily portable. It is recommended that you start using the device once or twice a week for 10 to 15 minutes and then gradually work your way up.

3. Gugug Scrubber Spatula (3 modes)

                               This is another popular ultrasonic scrubber from Gugug that has 3 operating modes and a stainless steel spatula head.

Three available modes are cleansing, lifting and moisturizing which can be selected by pressing the power touch button.

Cleansing mode removes dirt, dead skin cells and impurities while lifting mode can be used for skin tightening or massaging.

Moisturizing mode improves nutrient absorption from your skin replenishing serums and creams. Always ensure skin is wet or has enough moisture to prevent any discomfort while scrubbing your skin.

Gugug spatula is rechargeable via an inbuilt usb port and takes around 2 hours to reach full charge. Like its 4 mode version, device cannot be used while being charged. This model also has two silicone cleaning brushes, blue can be used for gentle manual scrubbing and purple for lifting.

While it may be scary to try new devices on your skin, rest easy knowing the ultrasonic scrubber has some pretty cool safety features. Also, the scrubber will automatically turn off in 10 minutes!

4. Anlan


Anlan facial scrubber works at an ultrasonic high frequency vibration of 24000 Hz.

Anlan features the latest German technology with 4 modes (ultrasonic, ion +, ion – and EMS lift) to make your skin more smooth and clear.

It quickly and thoroughly cleans up the dirt and corneous aging substance in the deep skin, promotes blood circulation and metabolism of your skin.

This scrubber is a facial skin cleanser with Iontophoresis function that has nutrition leading-in and facial dirt leading-out features, effective for skin-whitening and pore cleansing.

For daily cleaning use ultrasonic mode for 2 to 3 minutes on moist skin and ion + mode can be useful for deep cleansing. Ion – mode pushes skin products deep in to your skin.

EMS lift mode can be used to reduce wrinkles, restore skin elasticity, massage, tighten and lift your face. For the device to work in EMS mode, you need to hold the ion conducting bar on the side of device with your fingers to form a micro current loop.

Skin whitening is achieved due to oppositely charged ion of vitamin C present in whitening creams which is pushed into the skin effectively. Use together with any of your favorite skin care products such as deep cleansing oil, cleaning foam, toner, massage cream, essential oil, essence cream, etc.

Anlan boasts up to 80 minutes of cordless use on full charge. Device can be charged via usb port on device body and takes about 2 hours.

 Anlan is one of the popular scrubbers on the market that uses the spatula infusion for facial exfoliation. Gentle vibrating stainless steel plate works wonders for anti-aging skin rejuvenation and microdermabrasion.

5. Touch Beauty Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber

From one of the best known beauty device manufacturers, this device is one of the coolest looking models on the market.

Touch Beauty ultrasonic facial scrubber is a sleek stylish unit with a touch interface and available in metallic silver grey finish along with a wireless charging storage base unit.

What make this stand out from the other ultrasonic scrubbers we’ve looked at is its unique beautiful award winning design that wouldn’t look out of place in a luxury spa!

Touch Beauty ultrasonic spatula is also the winner of good design award in Japan and is the only ultrasonic scrubber in our list with FDA registration.

Touch Beauty scrubber produces up to 26000 vibrations per second to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. It can be used in 3 different modes, blackhead removal, deep cleansing and nutrition.

To use the device, double touch the power switch which then lights up and you can adjust the vibration intensity up to 5 levels just by sliding the intensity bar up or down.

Always clean and leave our face wet by steaming or a hot towel first, before any treatment. As it opens our pores and ensures the device with its high frequency vibrations forces clogged sebum and debris out of the pores.

For blackhead removal an deep cleaning, place the spatula blade on the skin at a 30° angle, apply constant pressure and move it slowly on the areas that need to be scrubbed. Adjusting the intensity levels along with scrubbing action can remove blackheads, dirt, excess oils, makeup residue and dead skin cells.

In Nutrition mode, apply desired cream, place the blade edge on the skin and massage slowly on your face for better absorption. Device will also automatically switch off after 5 minutes of continuous use.

A wireless charging base is provided that can fully charge the Touch Beauty in 4 hours.You can use the fully charged device for 1.5 hours which is quite remarkable.

A 12 month warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and an excellent customer support should put your mind at rest when splashing out the little extra for this beauty of a scrubber!

6. Hailicare

Hailicare scrubber works effectively to cleanse skin deeply, suctions blackhead removable, and improves the look of skin.

Hailicare device has a stainless steel shovel type spatula that can be used in cleansing, moisturizing and lifting modes.

To use, wet your skin and glide the device gently on the surface. Use ion leading out function to remove the impurities and fat granules.

The device makes use of ion leading in function to promote nutrient absorption in the skin. It also improves blood circulation and get rid of acne and blackheads. It restores skin elasticity to make your skin smooth and delicate.

The Hailicare ultrasonic face spatula is lightweight, cordless, comes with an usb charger and instruction manual. Make your skin goals come true today with this facial skin ultrasonic scrubber.

7. Trophy Skin Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula

TrophySkin Labelle

Use the Trophy Skin Labelle scrubber to deep clean your skin, effectively remove acne and blackheads, and accelerate blood circulation.

The scrubber works through tiny vibrations at 30,000 Hz stimulating collagen and helps skin to appear younger and healthier!

The device is similar to other scrubbers which features a stainless steel head that will collect the dead skin and dirt collected in your pores. The Labelle spatula can be used in 2 different “modes”.

The skin scrubber mode gets rid of the dirt and dead cells while the infusion mode helps absorb skincare creams into the skin. Recommended usage is 2 to 3 times per week on damp skin for a clear, smooth and younger looking skin.

The Trophy Skin Labelle ultrasonic skin spatula is lightweight, cordless, usb rechargeable, easy to carry and convenient for home use or travel device.

What are the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Benefits?

Here are some of the important benefits of using an ultrasonic skin scrubber on your face regularly.

  • Remove oil, dirt , makeup leftovers and dead skin cells from your face
  • Get rid of blackheads and reduce acne
  • It is gentle on skin and suited for those with sensitive skin as there is no dermabrasion or skin peeling involved
  • Get rid of clogged pores with least pain
  • Fight signs of ageing by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • Achieve clear smoother softer wrinkle free skin with even texture
  • Freedom from blackheads and whiteheads
  • Promotes better infusion of topical skincare products deep into the skin
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain the ultrasonic spatula device
  • Increase blood circulation and reduce the appearance of pores
  • Safe to use on all skin types including rosacea
  • Increase production of collagen and elastin for healthier , younger skin

Our Choice

The scrubbers listed above are all good enough to deliver the desired ultrasonic scrubbing for your skin. If we really need to pick one among these, then the Gugug ultrasonic skin spatula is our choice for the best ultrasonic skin scrubber.

Coming from one of the top innovative beauty brands today, it is well built, performs well and gives a you hassle free scrubbing experience!

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber FAQ

What Does An Ultrasonic Scrubber Do?

An ultrasonic scrubber is a spatula-like device used for deep cleansing your skin. It makes use of ultrasonic vibrations to loosen the dirt, dead skin cells, residual makeup and oil in your pores as you move it along your face. The ultrasonic skin spatula exfoliates your skin and allows it to absorb skin care products more effectively.

How Do You Use A Scrubber Spatula?

To use an ultrasonic spatula as a scrubber, wet your face first. Hold the spatula angled down and gently glide its edge along skin surface. The dirt and sebum from skin will accumulate on the spatula and can be cleaned with a wipe. You can also use it as an infuser to push your skincare serum deep into skin. Just apply the serum and hold the spatula flat against the skin.

How Often Can I Use Ultrasonic Scrubber?

Using a skin scrubber spatula is equivalent to exfoliating or scraping your skin, so frequent daily use is not good. Recommended use is 3 to 5 days a week and care must be taken to not over exfoliate your skin.

Is Ultrasonic Scrubber Effective?

Ultrasonic scrubbers are effective in cleansing your skin of grime and sebum and to infuse serums deep into your skin. It can be considered as a gentle form of exfoliation with no pain or side effects which makes it a better alternative to doing a microdermabrasion especially for those with sensitive skin.

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