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Permanent Makeup Machine
Last updated on March 16, 2023
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Your eyebrows are shaded perfectly, your lips lined flawlessly, and your eyes are lined beautifully—today you nailed your makeup!

What could be better than a day of perfect makeup? How about several years of perfect makeup?

Permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation is a cosmetic treatment in which pigment is added to the skin of your face with an ultra-thin needle, much like a tattoo.

However, unlike a tattoo, permanent makeup tends to fade dramatically, eventually becoming undetectable, over time.

It enhances your natural beauty by subtly giving features and shapes to your lips, eye brows and also save a lot of time on putting makeup.

That is, despite its name, permanent makeup is not actually permanent, though it does last for 1 - 7 years depending on the individual.

The typical permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing include lip shading, lip lining, eyebrow shading, and eyeliner application (both top and bottom).

Unfortunately, having these procedures done and touched up regularly can be a bit costly—that is, unless you have access to your own permanent makeup machine. This is especially ideal to those whose permanent makeup tends to fade more rapidly and requires consistent touch-ups.

Finding the best permanent makeup machine may sound like a difficult task, but we’ve already narrowed down your search with these top five permanent makeup machine picks!

Top Five Permanent Makeup Machine Comparison






Our Rating

Biomaser permanent makeup machine





Biotouch Merlin





Tomtop digital permanent makeup

Tomtop Digital




Solong Tattoo

Solong Tattoo




Belloccio Airbrush





The Top Five Best Permanent Makeup Machine Reviews

There’s a lot to consider when looking for the best rated permanent makeup machine on the market. We’ve taken out the complication for you and found our top five favorites. These machines a guaranteed to please!

1. Biomaser Permanent Makeup Kit

Biomaser permanent makeup machine

The Biomaser permanent makeup machine kit is a multi function permanent makeup machine.

This Nouveau contour style device is extremely versatile with the ability to produce permanent makeup, create body tattoos, skin tightening, acne scars and improve wrinkles.

Aside from that, you can choose among various thicknesses of disposable tattoo needles so you can get the style and look you’re dreaming of—for years. Biomaser's design functions at a running frequency of 8,000 - 10,000 rpm.

Despite this, the Biomaser kit creates far less noise than the average permanent makeup machine. The quiet, muffled sound is due to fact that this machine is rotation stable and does not vibrate as wildly as some other permanent makeup machines do.

But really the main benefit of using the Biomaser is that the ink used does not fade very quickly.

In fact, when applied correctly results may last for up to several years. Of course, different skin types hold permanent inks differently, and may require touch-ups over time.

It has an inbuilt short circuit protection to prevent any shocks during usage.

This might be the best permanent makeup machine for you if you have a general background in beauty including permanent makeup techniques. Still, this machine is relatively easy to use and made to last you!

2. BioTouch Permanent Makeup Kit

Biotouch Merlin

Hey, you can take the earplugs out! BioTouch permanent makeup kit may have made one of the quietest devices known to permanent makeup machines!

Unlike the TomTop Permanent Nouveau Contour Style Eyebrow Rotary Tattoo Machine, this BioTouch kit operates at 8,000 r/m.

This smooth needle rotation makes the permanent makeup machine easy to use and control.

Furthermore, this particular machine is compatible with both round and flat needles, giving you plenty of control over the intricacies of your new look. That’s pretty important if you want to have flawless dream-like results.

BioTouch may have designed a machine like no other, as this machine moves the needle up and down rather than side to side. Not yo mention, BioTouch’s machine uses only high-quality ink that does not fade over time.

The creators of BioTouch Deluxe Merlin Machine Kit guarantee that using this machine allows you to get closer to the skin you are trying to tattoo and that the results heal faster than the average permanent makeup machine.

This model may be right choice for you if you have a professional background in beauty and want precise results. If you want complete control over your look—every last detail—then you’ll enjoy using this BioTouch machine!

3. TomTop Digital Permanent Makeup Machine

Tomtop digital permanent makeup

Do you have the need for speed? Your permanent makeup treatment will be finished in no time with TomTop’s new Digital Permanent Makeup Machine.

This model is one of the best micropigmentation machine kits due to its ability to move at high speed.

Even as this machine operates at up to 27,000 r/m, it makes almost no noise at all. The quick needles on this machine cause less irritation and pain than others because they move so fast!

Another reason TomTop has created this model is that the ink used does not fade very much over time. This means your tattoos will last longer than they would using your average permanent makeup machine.

Not to mention, this makeup machine is gentler than many other versions. It may move rapidly, but does not cause abrasion or irritate the skin. Of course, even with the best eyebrow tattoo machine you will feel slight discomfort during permanent makeup application.

This machine may be perfect for beauty professionals familiar with permanent makeup tattooing, though it is relatively simple to use. The machine can be adjusted to create different effects with the ink, allowing you to work carefully to achieve your dream look.

4. Solong Tattoo Permanent Makeup Kit

Solong Tattoo

Get ready for glam with the Solong Tattoo Permanent Makeup Kit . This kit has it all: the best permanent makeup tattoo machine, a long corded foot pedal, 50 sterilized tattoo needles, 50 needle caps, 2 eyebrow rings and a carrying case.

The needles come in various sizes (1R, 3R, 5R, 3F, 5F) and shapes (round and flat). This helps you to work intricately and detailed for the perfect results.

You can create any type of eyebrow using this kit. Not to mention, the eyebrow rings aid you in applying the permanent makeup perfect without problem.

The Solong Tattoo Permanent Makeup Kit uses some of the best permanent makeup that does not fade much over time. You can go longer between treatments using this permanent makeup machine.

This may be one of the best cosmetic tattoo machines available because it comes with everything you need to get started. And since results last so long, these tools and materials can go a long way.

This machine is best suited for anyone with a professional beauty background experienced in tattooing. Your clients will love their new permanent makeup with this permanent makeup machine!

5. Solong Tattoo Hybrid Tattoo Pen

If you are looking only for the solong tattoo pen check this out.

Solong Tattoo Pen

6. VideoPUP Permanent Makeup Kit

VideoPUP makeup pen

Whatever it is you want your permanent makeup machine for, you’re guaranteed to find it with the VideoPUP permanent makeup tattoo pen.

This pen shaped device is made of aluminum alloy and is highly versatile, capable of body tattooing, face tattooing, and even some minimally invasive plastic surgery treatments.

One reason this VideoPUP kit is one of the top rated devices for your eyebrows is that it works extremely quickly and exact. That means your results are easy to control and quickly done!

The creators of this permanent makeup machine also agree that, if used properly, healing time and likelihood of infection will be reduced. That means you can sport your look confidently after almost no time at all!

It is good for anyone well educated in beauty who wants to create a number of treatments without buying a bunch of separate tools. It comes with 50 needles and tips and you can use it for your body as well.

Before And After Photos of Permanent Makeup

Check out these Pinterest pins which shows before and after photos of permanent makeup for lips, eyebrows and eyeliner.


permanent makeup eyebrow

Lip Liner

Permanent Makeup Lipliner

Eye Liner

permanent makeup eyeliner

Things to Consider Before Buying a Permanent Makeup Machine

Permanent makeup is not something to mess around with and definitely not for the faint heart! Messing up can ruin your luck for years at a time.

When applying permanent makeup, only the top rated permanent makeup machines should be used. In other words find something you are most comfortable with.

Permanent makeup machines are reserved for professional use only and those who wish to operate one should be educated formally in beauty, especially permanent cosmetics.

Otherwise, there is risk of poor healing and infection or just unattractive but nearly permanent results.

So make sure you can operate it yourself with confidence before investing in one! Here is a video to see before and after looks!

Our Choice

There are not many makeup machines on the market, but these top five are some of the most versatile, easy-to-use, and efficient permanent makeup machines.

The Biomaser permanent makeup kit is one of the best permanent makeup machines available in the market which makes it our top pick.

So, what do you think? Are you ready for the next level of glam?

Permanent Makeup FAQ

What is permanent makeup?         

Permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that involves applying colored pigments on your skin using a pen or rotary device. It is similar to a getting a tattoo which makes you look as if you are always having a makeup on.

What are the types of permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is used to enhance your facial features just as you would put on a makeup. The different types of permanent makeup used on your face are to create artificial eyebrows, add color to lips, lip liner, eyeliner, and reduce scar and beauty marks.

What is the best permanent makeup machine?

There are many top brands selling permanent makeup machines. Nouveau Contour is the best and popular brand when it comes to permanent makeup machines. Tomtop, Biomaser, BioTouch and Solong are other manufacturers that makes the best permanent makeup machines on the market today.

Is Permanent Makeup permanent?

It is considered as permanent as the colored pigment which contains iron oxide is applied to the skin and cannot be washed off. Though it will fade in time it can retouched occasionally to renew the pigments for a fresh look.

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