Top 10 Best Makeup Setting Spray For Oily Skin In 2020

One of the most important aspects of your makeup is its longevity.
If you make such an effort to have perfectly blended shadows and sharp winged liner eyes, then you definitely want those things to last all day long.

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makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin

Top 10 Best Makeup Remover Wipes For Sensitive Skin 2020

One of the most important aspects of a beauty and skincare routine is removing your makeup at the end of a long day.

Ironically, this also happens to be the most tedious parts of sticking to a skincare regimen too.

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Instagram beauty

The 6 Best Instagram Beauty Hacks To Try Out In 2020

Let’s face it, Instagram has proven time and time again, that sometimes the most bizarre and straight up confusing beauty hacks, sometimes actually are worth the hassle.

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Best Makeup Train Case

Top 10 Best Makeup Train Case Reviews And Guide 2020

Traveling with makeup can often times be a chore.

Airport regulations are usually the least of your worries because the main concern is actually how you’re going to fit everything in your luggage without breaking anything.

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Permanent Makeup Machine

Top 5 Best Permanent Makeup Machines: Reviews And Guide 2020

Your eyebrows are shaded perfectly, your lips lined flawlessly, and your eyes are lined beautifully—today you nailed your makeup! What could be better than a day of perfect makeup? How about several years of perfect makeup?

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Christmas makeup looks

7 Christmas Makeup Looks To Try This Festive Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, cue the Christmas songs, peppermint candy canes, obsession with all things sparkly and white, and of course, spending some much needed time with loved ones and family.

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christmas look

Get A Perfect Christmas Or New Year’s Eve Look

Looking for a Christmas or New Year’s look just before the big date is very tiring and stressful.
Shoppers are everywhere, especially if you are waiting for holiday discounts.

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Thanksgiving makeup looks

7 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Makeup Looks To Try In Fall 2019

It’s that time of year again where everyone is obsessed with pumpkin spice, candles, autumnal hues, and getting that perfect Instagram shot in a forest full of changing colors.  Cue Thanksgiving: a feast for the senses!

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back to school makeup tips

6 Best Back To School Beauty Trends & Tips

As much as we hate to believe it, summer is almost over.

And although that means pumpkin spice season is almost upon us, it also means school is just around the corner.

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summer makeup looks

7 Best Summer Makeup Looks And Trends To Look Cool In 2019

Summer sunshine has infiltrated the beauty space and makeup brands are jumping the bandwagon when it comes to these summer makeup trends. From glowy, dewy, sun kissed skin, to gold beams of highlight and lip gloss, Summer 2019 is all about the sparkle, shine, and glow

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makeup pallette and brush

Why You Should Start Using Cruelty-Free Makeup

Cruelty Free International has recently provided some terrifying numbers.

Worldwide, more than 115 million animals are being used for testing. And while more and more makeup brands are giving up on this practice, there are still plenty that do it anyway.

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Deep clean makeup brushes

Best Ways To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes At Home

 Make up is a beautiful art form and an important part of people’s identity as they go through life day by day. There are so many styles and techniques that the average person couldn’t even imagine.

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lighted makeup mirror

The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews 2020

To apply makeup is one of the most favorite part of every woman’s beauty routine! We all love experimenting with fun colors and trying out the latest trends and makeup tutorial videos. If only it were that easy… I’ve made my fair share of mistakes with makeup, thinking that it looks good when I’m in front of my

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eyebrow brush

Best Eyebrow Brush For The Perfect Eyebrow: Top 10 Brow Bush Reviews 2020

Thick, groomed, defined brows are the hottest new trend. Say goodbye to over-plucked, thin, space brows because bigger is better and behind any great set of brows, is a brilliant brush that does all the work

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airbrush makeup kit

Top 5 Best Airbrush Makeup Kits : Reviews And Guide 2020

To apply makeup is one of the most favorite part of every woman’s beauty routine! We all love experimenting with fun colors and trying out the latest trends and makeup tutorial videos. If only it were that easy…

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best makeup storage organizer

The Best Makeup Storages And Organizers : Reviews 2020

Makeup is every girl’s best friend. It’s an essential part of any morning routine and essential for those girls’ nights out.  It can be very tiring rummaging through multiple places, like your drawers, your makeup bag, purse, and any more places to find the makeup that you need for your daily routine. 

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Makeup cleaning tools

Why Its Important To Clean Your Beauty Tools

But not cleaning your beauty gadgets regularly has a lot poses a lot of risks, both for your health and for the lifespan of your beauty items.Nevertheless, few of us remember to clean our beauty items. In fact, an astonishing amount of women never cleans their beauty gadgets.

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Jewelry box

The Best Jewelry Boxes In 2020: Guides And Reviews

Its date night. You’re already running late to your movie. Your significant other is yelling at you from the driveway. You can’t find your diamond earrings that someone special got for you. It’s that perfect piece of jewelry for your outfit. Now what?

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