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Last updated on April 14, 2022
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A promise ring is a symbol of a pledge. It has many names.

A promise ring is the most common name, followed by a commitment ring or pre-engagement ring and a purity ring.

A promise ring in a romantic relationship is a pledge to remain committed, to be in a monogamous relationship and to live up to the oath taken voluntarily, which may also be a series of vows.

The promise ring has varying significance across societies and cultures. It is not a global practice as some cultures use other versions of a promise ring.

In contemporary times, the promise ring has become quite popular. However, it has been equally popular if not more in the past.

Ancient Greeks wore promise rings symbolizing the pledges they undertook. Romans wore promise rings but they were more like engagement rings than the pre-engagement rings of the twenty-first century.

Promise rings were popular in the Elizabethan era across England and beyond. These promise rings were a proof of love, affection and in many cases marriage. Such rings were made of iron in Rome.

Later, gold and diamond became popular, so did pearl. The promise rings in England from the fifteenth through the seventeenth century were often engraved. These engraved promise rings had the name of one’s partner and many would bear a small poem or a message. The engravings were common both outside and inside the rings.

A promise ring is a beautiful and meaningful way to express your affection towards your partner. More importantly, it can be a serious step forward and this has a wonderful influence on the relationship.

promise rings

The present-day purpose of a promise ring is usually deemed as the first step towards marriage or committing to a relationship if two people had been casually dating each other. A promise ring could very well be a way to express love, given the fact that most young people draw a distinct line between love and like.

Given the importance of a promise ring and the fact that your partner would be wearing it all the time, it cannot be just another ornament or piece of jewelry. A promise ring must be really nice.

Here are five tips to help you choose the best promise ring.

Choose a Good Metal

The common choices are silver, gold, and platinum. Not many people go for a diamond and you should not.

You can always choose a diamond for your engagement ring or wedding ring. While it is easy to compare silver, gold, and platinum, you must factor in the different kinds in every category.

For instance, there is yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver and different types of platinum. Silver, gold, and platinum are graded and they are marked or certified accordingly. The quality shall determine the price.

You will have a budget so your assessment may be influenced by the financial limitation or leverage you have. Decide on the metal before you start exploring options. Designs and other aspects can be factored in later.

It is futile to choose a metal you cannot afford after you have fallen in love with a particular promise ring or its design.

Choose the Setting of the Ring

The second step and tip is to choose the setting of the ring. Not too long ago, a promise ring usually had the popular symbol of a heart.

 It was the most common choice. This is no longer the case.

In fact, going for a heart as the symbol or primary feature of the design may make the promise ring rather ordinary. You can choose any trendy design you like and think your partner will like.

You may go for a customized design if you want. You may choose a symbol that might not mean anything or be of any relevance to others but there could be something only you and your partner would know about or relate to.

Some people buy a promise ring with three stones or gems, implying the past, the present and the future. There are many other such common norms and unique preferences.

Whatever setting you choose, bear in mind the relevance. A promise ring does not have to comply with any set norms. It can be something that only you and your partner would treasure.

A Promise Ring Must Be Fashionable

It does not have to be very expensive.

You do not have to buy from a designer jeweler.

As long as the promise ring satiates the personal taste or preference of your partner when it comes to fashion, it is an ideal choice and you can safely settle for the design, ring setting and the metal.

Since a promise ring is worn every day and it is not a prized necklace that would be brought out of the safe once in many years for a truly special occasion, the design has to be one that would not look odd or out of place in everyday circumstances.

Yet, it should be special.

A Promise Ring Is Not an Engagement Ring

It should not look like an engagement ring.

It is easy for anyone to get confused when their partner pops up a ring. This may seem like a proposal for marriage.

You have to tread cautiously as a mistaken assumption can be quite embarrassing for both of you. A short and relevant chat leading up to the promise ring can pre-emptively and easily eliminate any room for such misperception but if it looks like an engagement ring then your partner would still have to deal with questions from their family and friends.

Choose the Right Stone

The fifth step is to choose the right stone.

You can choose a diamond if you want. You can choose moissanite or cubic zirconia if you cannot afford a diamond but you must not let your partner think that they are the actual thing.

This may be misleading or outright falsehood and a promise ring should not symbolize that. You may choose one of the many gemstones. You can choose a gemstone that your partner likes. Going for his or her birthstone is also fine.

Engraved promise rings sporting diamond, birthstone or gemstone with a romantic or relevant pledge are popular choices.

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