Last updated on May 8, 2022
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Everyone is bound to get tired after a long busy day.

Visiting a spa after a busy workday is a perfect escape. Besides, you get to soothe your sore muscles, rejuvenate your skin, improve blood flow, among other benefits.

Are you seeking a quality medical spa experience? Revitalize You MD is the next place you ought to go to for weight cutting and cosmetic treatments.

There are numerous weight losing spa treatments available. These are body wraps, electrostimulation, lymphatic drainage massage, and non-surgical body sculpting.

a) Electrostimulation

This procedure involves the contraction of muscles by the use of electric impulses. Through these contractions, you will gain a lot of benefits such as weight loss.

The process deters muscle waste courtesy of lack of exercise and relaxes painful areas. There is an increased supply of blood to ailing or damaged tissues. Besides, your muscles will learn to function accordingly. Not to mention, you will improve the range of motions your muscles can have.

The therapist places electrodes on your body. Current supplied to specific tissue functions just like your central nervous system. As the impulses travel through your muscles, they contract. The physiotherapist will alter the frequency of these impulses depending on your condition.

The short term weight loss effect of electrostimulation is losing some water weight. Electrical stimulation can also help with long-term weight loss. This is due to muscle activation. However, this is only effective with the incorporation of exercises.

b) Body Wraps

Body wrapping can help you minimize cellular appearance, trim thighs, stomach, and buttocks. You can also condition and tone your skin using body wraps.

Some of the ingredients incorporated in body wraps will surprise many—for instance, rosemary, eucalyptus, butter, honey, clay, chocolate, etc.

Often, spas conduct body wrapping in dark rooms with soft music and massage tables. At the top of the massage table is a thermal blanket, a plastic wrap follows, then towels.

During the procedure, the thermal blanket gets heated. It causes you to sweat throughout the treatment profusely as a result. Because of this, you get to lose excess water weight.

There are several types of body wraps, including detox, moisturizing, cellulite, and slimming. Slimming body wraps use tiny material strips tightly wrapped together for significant sweating. The slimmer appearance you get is, however, temporary and fades off after two-three days.

c) Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage type focuses on your lymph nodes rather than your muscles. The lymphatic system is vital in ridding the body of toxic waste. In the process, it may become sluggish or get blocked.

It involves slow and steady strokes towards the lymph nodes. Getting a lymphatic drainage massage from a spa can help reshape your body.

However, there is no permanent weight loss. You will only be able to lose excess fluid. Therefore, the associated weight loss is that for water weight. Despite this, you still get to enjoy numerous benefits out of this massage.

You will have a better digestion system, slower aging, and your waste removal rate will also improve. With more waste products out of your body, you will have a better metabolic system. Combining exercises and a rationed diet with this massage will prove useful in losing weight.

d) Non-surgical Body Sculpting

You are likely to get this at a medical spa. The procedure involves a series of non-penetrative methods to help you lose weight.

The techniques promote enhanced collagen production. Synchronously, they shrink and destroy fat cells. What you will notice are tighter skin and less cellulite. The procedure utilizes radio frequencies to achieve this.

A single treatment can last 10-30 minutes. You will spot visible signs of weight loss after the third or fourth treatment. Within 6-8 treatments, the area in question will be in shape. This is what happens during the low light therapy session:

  • The first technology involves measurement and picture taking of the problematic regions. You will have heat targeted to the areas to destroy fat cells.
  • The second technology combines vacuum suction and mechanical roller therapy with radio-frequency. Due to this, it will shrink your fat cells, smoothen cellulite, and improve blood circulation.

Things to Do After Each Treatment Session

  • Wear a surgical compression garment to hasten results.
  • Drink adequate water before and after the sessions to get better results.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle and diet throughout the process.

Bottom Line

It is not a must to visit an expensive location to enjoy some of these spa treatments. For instance, you can make and use body wraps right at home.

Again, you can conduct Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) without needing professional services. Still, enjoying some professional services at spas is more relaxing and might benefit you even better.

Generally, you have to combine your spa treatments with exercises and a healthy diet for better results.

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