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  • The Tale Of Transforming Lashes: A Look At Lash Lift History
Last updated on July 23, 2023
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Have you ever wondered about the origins of your fabulous lash lift?

Just like some hairstyles, the practice of enhancing those beautiful little hairs framing your eyes has quite the history!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the key moments that shaped lash lift history.

1905: The First Perms, Courtesy of Nessler

Our journey begins in 1905, when Karl Nessler invented hair perming.

This Swiss hairdresser coated hair in sodium hydroxide, then wrapped it around brass rollers connected to an electric heating device.

Over the course of several hours, the hair would curl. Although this technique wasn't meant for lashes, it would later serve as the basis for the modern-day lash lift.

1931: Introducing the Eyelash Curler

Let’s fast forward to 1931: enter the time-honored eyelash curler. William J. McDonell invented the Kurlash, and it revolutionized the way people curled their lashes.

It was a simple and accessible device that anyone could easily use at home to achieve a youthful and alluring look in a matter of minutes.

1941: Lash Curlers Take the Beauty World by Storm

Lash curlers had taken the beauty world by storm by 1941. People all over the world became familiar with these convenient devices, and soon enough, they became a staple in cosmetic bags.

Different brands produced their versions of the curler, improving its design and making it even easier to achieve the perfect lash curl.

The Evolution of False Lashes

Another key moment that shaped lash lift history was the invention of false lashes. While they were initially used in theatre performances, these beauty enhancers soon became popular among celebrities and the general public.

 Dramatic lashes made a bold statement in the world of fashion and beauty in the 1960s—no makeup was complete without them!

The Invention of the Lash Lift

As time went on, beauty professionals experimented with various ways to achieve long-lasting lash curls.

These experts realized they could adapt Nessler’s perming technique to eyelashes. Thus, the lash lift was born! The lash lift is a method of semi-permanent curling that gives lashes an instant lift.

Modern Day: Lash Lifts and the Power of Choice

Nowadays, there are many types of lash lifts that beauty professionals use on their clients. Options include keratin lash lifts, which work by strengthening lashes with keratin protein, and LVL lash lifts, which use a lifting lotion and silicone shields to lift lashes from the root.

From the invention of the perm to today's innovative lash lift techniques, our love for enchanting lashes has only grown.

As the beauty industry evolves, we can only expect more fantastic ways to enhance our lashes and make the window to our souls that much more mesmerizing.

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