DIY Makeup
Last updated on December 11, 2022
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As people become more conscious of what they put on and in their bodies, they’re beginning to make their own products.

Doing it yourself is a good way to take control of your beauty products and skin care, and you’ll always see the results you want.

While some homemade beauty products are harder to make than others, the results are almost always worth it.

If you want to get started with a fun, easy makeup DIY project, keep reading, and we’ll teach you how to make your own tinted lip gloss.

Basic Ingredients

You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make your own lip gloss.

The easiest recipe requires only a lip-safe petroleum jelly and a lip-safe colorant, like mica powder. 

If you want a more customized lip gloss, you can use beeswax, a lip-safe oil, like almond oil, and a lip-safe colorant.

You’ll have the same gloss effect with either the petroleum jelly or the beeswax-oil combination. So deciding between the two will depend on your personal preferences.

Creation Process

If you’re using petroleum jelly, all you have to do is mix that jelly with the colorant of your choice.

Some people prefer to melt down homemade or store-bought lipsticks, which will work fine. Others prefer to use a coloring powder, such as the mica powder we mentioned above.

There’s a lot to know about using mica powder in lip products, but many are lip-safe, and that’s the most important information you need for this project.

Mix the jelly and colorant together and place the mixture in a storage container so that you can use it in the future.

If you prefer the beeswax-oil combination, then you’ll need to melt the beeswax into a liquid and then add the oil and colorant.

Once you’ve thoroughly combined the mixture, you’ll need to pour it into a heat-safe container so that it can solidify into a gloss.

Finished Product

You can use your finished tinted gloss however you see fit.

Some people like to add essential oils to improve the scent of their product and keep it smelling great over time, but that’s not necessary. 

The gloss should remain in this form unless you move it into extreme temperatures where it could melt or further solidify.

At room temperature, though, you can enjoy your homemade gloss as long as it lasts.

Knowing how to make your own tinted lip gloss and other beauty products is a great way to take charge of your skin care.

If you’re concerned about all the chemicals and additives in your current beauty products, take the time to learn about cleaner brands or consider making some products yourself. Your skin will thank you for it.

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