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best makeup storage organizer
Last updated on April 12, 2023
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Makeup Organizer

Makeup is every girl’s best friend. It’s an essential part of any morning routine and essential for those girls’ nights out. 

It can be very tiring rummaging through multiple places, like your drawers, your makeup bag, purse, and any more places to find the makeup that you need for your daily routine. 


That’s where a great makeup organizer comes in. They ensure all your essential makeup stuff to be found in one place and de-clutters your vanity or dresser!  

Tidiness is also key when it comes to organization and you want to ensure that your makeup will be kept tidy and that nothing will be moving around or becoming messy within your organizer. 

Because after all, we want our counter-tops and vanities to look tidy and neat. Makeup collections need to be on display, but not so much on display that they make a mess. 

So pick up an organizer put your makeup away and have the easiest time finding your makeup anytime, day or night that you need to put on your full face of makeup and start the day or get ready to go out at night.

 To make it easy for you, the best makeup storage organizers have been ranked and reviewed below.

Top 5 Best Makeup Storages Comparison



Size (Inches)



Our Rating

Ikee Makeup organizer


9 3/8*    5 3/8*   7 1/4



Sodnyee Makeup Organizer


9 1/2*    5 1/2*    7 1/4



Unique Home

Unique Home

9 3/8*    5 3/8*   8





9 1/2*    6 1/4* 11 1/4





12 3/8 * 6  7/8 *   6



The Top 5 Best Makeup Organizers Review

 Every girl should organize their makeup. It makes finding those pesky small cosmetic products that much easier to find. So broken down for your convenience are the top 5 best makeup organizers. 

1. Ikee Design Cosmetic Storage 

Ikee Makeup organizer

The Ikee Design Acrylic organizer is one of the best acrylic makeup organizer for a couple of different reasons.

First, it is made of durable, clear plastic, perfect for showing off your impressive makeup collection.  

Second, this organizer comes in two pieces, so you can easily add on and stack up multiples of this organizer depending on how large your makeup collection is.

The makeup organizer also has multi functionality because it not only holds your makeup, but also stores jewelry. 

There is a removable black mesh padding that makes it easy to keep jewelry protected. The drawers of this organizer also completely slid out nice and smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about the drawers getting stuck when you are trying to get out that bulky eye shadow palette. 

The Ikee Design organizer also comes in the right size that is perfect for counters, dressers and vanities, or any other surface. Because of the smaller size, it is less likely to get in your way, when you are say, brushing your teeth. 

The clear color also allows you to show off your makeup collection, your makeup should be a point of pride and this helps to make your makeup and your jewelry a nice organized piece of your bedroom or bathroom. 

There are 16 top slots and 4 drawers that are all perfect for storing your makeup. This piece is also very durable, so you will not be disappointed in the quality of the organizer. It’s available in a variety of colors to fit your needs.

See how the organizer looks in below video. 

2. Sodynee Cosmetic Storage 

Sodnyee Makeup Organizer

The Sodynee Jewelry organizer has amazing quality for its cost. It comes in two pieces and is acrylic and clear which makes it easy to see all your makeup items.

It’s perfect for eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, lipstick, mascara and color pots. 

 The removable black cloth is perfect for ensuring that your products don’t slide around and stay in place in the drawers. The acrylic organizer is very durable and interlocking, so it won’t slide around on your counter or vanity.

It's the perfect size for easy access to all your products and you spend less time rummaging around for your makeup products. This organizer also holds a lot of products, more than what you would think which is amazing!

The upper section has 16 slots which is perfect for makeup products that are used daily, so they are easily accessible. While the lower section contains 4 drawers for products that aren’t used as much or bulkier products to be stored and kept out of the way in a posh and organized way. 

The Sodynee organizer is also stackable, so even if you have a lot of makeup that is no problem for this organizer, because multiples can be stacked to create room without taking up extra space. 

 Everything makeup or jewelry that you own can now be stored in one place! Very convenient and user-friendly. It’s another best acrylic makeup organizer for any beginner or expert makeup artist. 

3. Unique Home Makeup Cosmetic Organizer 

Unique Home

This super clear, acrylic organizer matches any decor! The top is removable which makes it easy to switch up with different configurations with this organizer or with other organizers.

The bottom of the top part has small grips so that it stays in place, there is no worry in it sliding around.The Unique home makeup organizer saves time and patience by being clear and being able to see all your makeup.

 The black mesh in the drawers, which is removable, is great because it allows your makeup to stay in place. The drawers of the organizer are a great size, they are big enough for palettes, makeup brushes, highlighters, blushes, and many more. The lipstick compartment has space for 12 lipsticks

Another useful feature of the Unique home organizer is that it has non-slip drawers, so there is no worry when sliding out the drawers that your makeup with shift around or that the drawers will fall out. 

The durable organizer is also perfect for daily use of makeup. The 16 slot top compartments is the most ideal for daily makeup because it allows for easy access. While makeup that isn’t used as regularly can be stored in the 4 drawers below the top compartment. 

 Another great feature of this best cosmetic organizer is that if there is an accidentally spillage of makeup the drawers are easy to clean, there will be no stains or signs that there ever was a spill. 

The acrylic is thick and the makeup organizer as a whole is great quality and perfect for the budget conscience people. The organizer is perfect for your counter and perfect for a makeup connoisseur! 

4. Sorbus Makeup Storage Case 


The Sorbus acrylic organizer is a dazzling way to personalize your beauty counter.

If you are tired of rummaging through your loose makeup and cosmetics, then you can use this organizer to transform your space into a beautiful beauty counter

It contains 4 large drawers and 2 small drawers, perfect for your makeups and jewelry needs. The organizer is stylish and modern by being able to store your various cosmetic products within the organizer and on your dresser or vanity. 

By using this organizer you will be able to display and organize all of your foundations, bronzers, blush, shadows and powders and many more conveniently in one place.

The Sorbus organizer is both functional and convenient and acts as a display case for your makeup collection. The removable black cloth in the drawers allows makeup to stay in place and can also be used to keep your jewelry safe and untouched.

Another great feature about this best cosmetic organizer is that it can be used on its own or in a set, which makes organizing your makeup that much more of a cinch! 

The acrylic gives the look of glass, but is much more durable and safer than glass. The clearness also makes it very easy to spot whatever piece of your makeup collection you will need without too much searching. 

The Sorbus jewelry organizer is great for home or professional use and any makeup lover will be pleased at the quality and functionality of this organizer. It’s a stylish way to highlight your makeup collection! 

5. Stori Makeup Palette Organizer   


The Stori large capacity makeup palette is one of the best makeup case organizers.

It allows everything to be located in one location and conveniently at your fingertips. There are 3 large and 2 small compartments that allow for easy and convenient storage for daily cosmetics. 

The Stori organizer allows you to de-clutter and to keep your daily essentials neatly organized. This organizer is also very versatile and stylish and the clear plastic matches any decor! It is also really easy to clean, so any makeup messes can easily be taken care of and there will be no signs that you ever had a mess. 

 If you are looking for an organizer that is worth the price and quality, then Stori is a good choice. It’s very sturdy and heavy duty, so you don’t have to worry about this cracking or breaking, your makeup will be able to be kept in this storage container for a really long time. 

Also the organizer is great for being both decorative and functional! It can hold eyeliners, brushes, lip liners, among many other makeup products. This product allows for easy storage as it is quite compact without any drawers and keeps your counters clear of clutter and loose makeup. 

The sides are angled, shorter in the front and taller in the back which gives a cool illusion of tiers. This makes it great to stack smaller palettes in front of bigger palettes. Though it has no drawers, it can still hold most of your essential makeup stuff easily. 

With the Stori palette organizer you don’t have to settle for the same look day after day because all your makeup is located in one place which makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

 A great essential compact organizer to have for any makeup expert or novice.  

Our choice

All of the above makeup organizers provide an easy and convenient solution to tidy up your dressing table in no time.

The Ikee Design organizer is out top pick for the best makeup storage organizer in the above list. The well-built acrylic makeup organizer offers best value for money and the clear plastic finish will be a great addition to your dressing table! 

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