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  • Four Fabulous Ways To Promote A Home-Based Makeup Studio
Last updated on October 3, 2022
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Since the creation of covid, many cosmeticians have chosen to work independently and establish their home-based salons.

As you only work the hours you choose, this can result in a higher income and improve your work-life balance.

Tax planning is challenging, but the advantages of owning your own company outweigh any risks and challenges you may encounter.

How successfully you have marketed and promoted the business is key to success.

Nobody will know about your home-based beauty business unless you put yourself out there, unlike beauty salons or hairdressers, which are visible to shoppers and draw customers through foot traffic.

The following suggestions can help you increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

How To Promote A Home-Based Makeup Studio?

Below are some of the ways to promote a home-based makeup studio.

1. Adding your business to directories

Making sure you are listed in online business directories is an excellent and cost-free way to promote your home-based beauty business. It makes people aware of your services and makes you seem credible enough for people to bother giving you a try.

Online business directories like Yell.com, which connect you to enormous pools of potential customers, receive more than 17.8 million monthly visitors.

It costs nothing to create a listing for your company, to which you can add photos, contact information, operating hours, payment options, client testimonials, and more.

In addition to helping you reach customers directly on each site, joining such directories and including the link to your website on the listing page will also help you improve your search engine rankings, increasing your visibility.

2. Word of mouth

The most successful type of marketing, debatably, is word of mouth. A recommendation for a company from a close friend or family member is more credible than a testimonial from any other source.

Encouraging your customers to recommend you to people they know is one of the most effective ways to market your company. And how should this be done the best? By paying them back.

Start a referral program to reward existing customers who refer new clients to you by giving them a discount on their subsequent treatments. Or give them a complete treatment for free if they bring you three new clients.

They might be so impressed and satisfied that they may recommend you to everyone they know, giving you more business.

3. Attention-grabbing Flyers

In today's technologically advanced world, dropping flyers through letterboxes in your neighborhood may seem like an old-fashioned marketing method. Still, it can be a cheap and efficient way to find new customers.

You can choose from various templates on PosterMyWall for beauty salon posters. They have a ton of small business flyers that would cost you little to nothing and help you promote your business effectively.

Even though handing out flyers door to door can be tedious and time-consuming, it will be worthwhile to draw in even a small number of new customers who you can turn into devoted ones.

Another excellent way to reach potential customers is to ask if you can post your flyer on the walls of nearby cafes, shops, community centers, spas, and salons. Keep a few flyers with you at all times because you never know when an opportunity for some free promotion might present itself.

4. Specialized Training

Enrolling in a specialized training course may not be at the top of your list of priorities if you recently graduated from makeup artistry school. However, obtaining certification in a specialized course like special effects makeup application or corrective techniques may be essential if you want to promote your business.

Displaying a certificate from specialized training may help you attract more clients if you want to target a particular clientele that needs specialized makeup application services, such as models and theatre performers. However, ensure the cosmetology school where you receive your certification is reputable and provides quality instruction.

It will increase your credibility, and the clients will feel safe investing their time in money in your services, thus improving the chances of your business working well.


Attracting customers for your new makeup artistry business can be challenging, especially when this market is already so big.

For example, by 2021, the market share of beauty services in Japan was about 2.05 trillion Yen.

To ensure that your makeup artist business receives a steady stream of clients and succeeds as a home-based studio, you can be on the right track by utilizing the straightforward and affordable methods covered above to promote your enterprise.

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