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So you have just realized that your age is finally showing through the wrinkles on your face?

You may even be in the habit of sleeping with your makeup, engaged in binge drinking for long, or even have irregular sleeping patterns.

You now have wrinkles on your face, and you no longer feel sexy. 

A Botox injection comes to your mind as you want to get that youth-like skin once more.

Getting an injection that may alter how your skin looks may appear to be scary.

Should you leave this practice to celebrities only as they have an ‘image’ to preserve?

The following are some of the things you should know before you get a Botox treatment.

You may think that the seniors are the people who will flood a medical spa to get a Botox treatment.

However, this is not always the case because age does not matter. You may have met a teenager with wrinkled skin. 

You may also have come across someone in the 50's but still has a youthful skin. Overexposure to sunlight causes sunburn which leads to wrinkles in the long run. 

What matters is your expectation and how you feel about yourself before you get this treatment.

Getting a Botox treatment while young is one of the approaches to prevent wrinkles from developing as you age.

Botox Does Not Erase Wrinkles

Are you looking for something that will erase all the imperfections on your skin?

If your answer is yes, then you need to lower expectations.

Botox is more of a preventive approach rather than a treatment.

The active ingredients that are injected into your skin freeze the muscles in such a way that you will not develop lines or wrinkles on your face. 

That explains why young people are getting Botox as it acts as a preventive measure rather than a cure.

It Is Not The Same For Everyone

Wrinkles and lines appear differently on different people, and this determines the dosage that one should take.

An expert will evaluate your skin and recommend the units that will fit your situation. The average dosage is 10-25 units depending on several factors. 

It will also depend on the areas that need treatment. The most common areas are the forehead and between the eyes brows.

The procedure will be painful a little bit, but it is just like any other injection that you get at the hospital. The pain is sharp and fast but goes away a few minutes after the procedure.

It May Take A Few Days To See The Results

Most believe that Botox treatments are instant.

However, you have to wait 3-4 days before you can see the results. 

Some people may take even two weeks before these results appear. It depends on the nature of wrinkles and lines on your skin. 

You may feel movements on your forehead for a few days after the procedure.

It can take a week or two before the target skin becomes immobile, which lowers the chances of developing wrinkles and lines on your face.

The Approach Matters

Does it mean that you will no longer show emotions when you get Botox?

This treatment freezes some of the muscles on your skin but that does not mean that you become a robot.

The right application allows you to move your muscles and still communicate effectively.

 As backto30.com illustrates, it is all about getting the right procedure and from the right person. Botox should not affect the muscles involved with facial expressions.

It should have minimal effects on the way you react when you get upset, angry, or when you laugh.

The Results Are Temporary

You may have thought that you will appear young forever.

The sad news is that it may last for only three months

It thus means that you have to be ready for maintenance every 3-6 months if you want to have flawless skin always. 

You must also be ready for some lifestyle changes after the application. For instance, you need to stay upright for about two hours after the injection because it may take up to 20 minutes for the solution to settle on the target muscles. 

You should avoid exercises or strenuous activities right after the application. Ensure you are gentle on your skin as well during cleaning.

Understanding the above facts will help you make an informed decision before you go through this procedure.You must vet the potential specialists that do this procedure and ensure that you follow the recommended skincare tips.

You will feel better about yourself and more confident when you undergo a Botox procedure from the right specialist.

Laura Jones

Laura Jones is our chief editor and driving force behind this blog. She also works as a beauty consultant specializing in research and development of innovative and new age beauty products.She believes that sharing knowledge is the best way to improve the quality of life.

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