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The Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching, and the magic that Santa Claus brings is all around us.

This is a time when our thoughts are turned to ideal New Year's gifts for our loved ones.

There is nothing more beautiful than a bunch of gifts under the Christmas tree and the smiling faces of our closest family and friends who unpack them.

As we all struggle to make the right choice regarding gifts, here are some ideas what you could buy:

A Perfect Surprise for your Girlfriend or Wife


Jewelry box

Something you can never go wrong with when it comes to the ideal New Year gift is jewelry.

It could be a necklace, bracelet, ring or maybe a beautiful brooch. This is a gift that lasts and you can  find it on

All you have to do is remember which piece of jewelry she likes the most because it's worthless to buy her a bracelet if she doesn't wear bracelets at all. If you are unsure about her jewelry style, consult your closest friend or sister.


For many, massage is the best way to relax.

Ask your friends or colleagues to recommend you a well-proven masseuse. You can even get a couples massages or a full day spa.

If a quality massage is expensive at the moment, buy massage oil, scented candles, check out some videos on YouTube and become her personal masseur.

Travel Together

There are beautiful places where you can take a day trip. Sometimes going to a neighboring city is enough of an adventure. It is even better if your trip can turn into a few days abroad.


It takes a little voyeurism - you should go and peek into her cosmetic bag and write down the names of the brands that are in it, as women are often true to the same brands.

You can experiment and choose something you like (for example, the color of lipstick), but don't be too extreme. Choose colors that are similar to the palette she already has.


A perfume is something that lasts longer than holidays, longer than an event or celebration for which the perfume is intended.

Perfume can remind us of the person who gave it to us, on a certain period of time that we can identify with that person. Perfumes are one of the strongest transmissions of time, space and emotions.

Flowers, Chocolate or a Book

Godiva Assorted Chocolates

If you are out of money and looking for a cheap gift idea, you can show up with chocolate and flowers in your hand, or buy a book that she loves but is not in her collection - she will surely like it. Don’t forget to write her a cute note in the book.

Gifts for your Boyfriend or Husband


If your partner is a passionate fan of a particular music band, or if you know that he would love to watch his favorite sports team live, the tickets will be a perfect fit.

You can put them in an envelope and hand it to him or, make sure you pack it nicely and think of a creative way to hand it to him.


Here's an idea that is sure to put a smile on his face - buy him some tech. We all know how much guys love technology. If he likes games, get him a better headset with a microphone.

Or even better play his favorite games with him. Buy him the game he would like to have, and if you don’t know which one just ask his buddy.


If your husband often wears suits for work, the cufflinks will be perfect. They don't have to be very expensive and are a really great detail.

His Hobbies

One of the easiest ways to choose a gift is to take into account his interests. The music lover will be truly happy with the collection disc of his favorite band.

The fisherman will be happy with the appropriate fishing equipment. A nature lover often likes to relax in nature so give him a folding knife, a tent or a sleeping bag. These gifts are not always expensive, but they are always useful.


You may be married to a Cuban cigar lover so he will surely be glad if you buy one for the New Year! A good gift is also a cigar cutter, a cigar case…

Home Brewery

This is a great gift for those who like to indulge in occasional beer. Mastering the art of a beer is a source of pride. For beer enthusiasts, choose a beer mug with a funny photo. This is a practical gift, which is very personal at the same time.

For Parents, Siblings and Best Friends


Picture frame with the most beautiful memories you had together is a really nice gift for your parents. It will surely make them happy and it’s in a holiday spirit.

If you a beautiful gift for your friends then make an album with your shared photos. Write down some more memories you shared and it will surely be their best gift for the New Year.


A leather wallet is a great choice. Choose a color your parent would love. Everyone needs a wallet and they have a good symbolic – you wish them lots of money in the New Year.

Cinema, Theater or Concert Tickets

What your friends are sure to like are theater tickets, or a concert they would definitely like to go to. Around the New Year, there are various events for which you can buy them gift tickets.


Your friends' funny faces on paper with a message that will make them laugh will surely be a hit. You can draw it yourself or find an artist. Either way, this New Year's gift is definitely not to be expected.

Smartphone Lenses

For your loved ones who love to take pictures, this is perfect. It will give them much better photos with effects they do not have on their phones. And you can take photos together to remember.

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