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Last updated on March 13, 2022
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Having perfect nails is something that many of us women strive for.

Whether you are the type of girl who gets weekly salon manicures or prefers to maintain them at home, you will need to know how to care for your nails properly to prevent ruining them.

Are you wondering how to keep your manicure looking all glam for longer?

Surprisingly, you might be committing a few common faux pas that may be shortening the lifespan of your manicure and perhaps damaging your natural nails. 

Check out these ways to not ruin your at-home manicure.

Clip, File, and Buff

When doing your at-home manicure, ensure that you prepare your nails properly. First, clip the nail straight across and file into shape.

Next, gently buff your nails and push back your cuticles. Remember that using too much force can damage the nail, so it’s best to rub gently.

Then, clean them and allow them to dry. Once done, your nails will look neat, well-groomed, and will last longer.

Use Base Coat Before Polish

Another way to prevent chipping and premature wear on your manicure is to use a base coat before applying your polish.

While many of the new long-lasting polish formulations we love do a pretty good job of preventing chipping, the only surefire way to protect them from damage is to use a base coat.

Choose the Right Shape for Your Nails

You don’t want to wear the wrong shape for your nails. Square or squoval, almond, stiletto, and round are a few of the most commonly used nail shapes for manicures.

While it can take time to find a suitable shape that suits your fingers, the benefits of wearing the right one can be drastic. Generally, rounded shapes tend to last longer and allow the nails to remain strong and healthy.

Two Thinner Coats Are Better Than One Thick Coat

Another perfect hack to ensure that your manicure lasts longer is to apply two thin coats instead of applying one thick coat of nail polish.

These thinner coats mean that you’ll have one base coat and two light coats of color. Apply gently, ensuring that the brush crisscross in X strokes.

This will help your color last longer and ensure that you have a beautiful, even color coat.

Choose a Glossy Finish

Instead of opting for a matte or rough finish, choose a glossy finish to prevent chips and cracks at the tips of the nails.

Avoid Biting

And lastly, the worst offender when it comes to ruining your nails is biting them.

Biting causes nails to become brittle and weak, leading to unsightly ridges, splits, tears, and peels. This damages your teeth and the nail bed.

Use these tips and tricks to ensure that you won’t ruin your at-home manicure.

You’ll keep it looking glamorous and fresh for more than a few days.

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