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  • Quick And Easy Ways To Style Your Hair For Hot Summer Days
Last updated on May 22, 2022
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If you’re anything like me, it’s very easy to throw your hair up in a bun during the summer and call it a day.

But, if you’re sick of wearing your hair the same every day, check out my quick and easy ways to style your hair for hot summer days!

These hairstyles are simple to achieve and look great on anyone who tries them out.

Half Up Messy Bun

Turn your traditional bun into a half-updo for a more stylish and fun way to wear a bun.

 Gather half of your hair or less at the top of your head and twist until you have a shape that satisfies you.

Take it one step further and style your hair with ribbon for an added bit of flare.

Space Buns

I always wear space buns when going to an event or a concert.

Dress this hairstyle up or down.

However you wear it, it makes for a superb, offbeat hairstyle that will keep you cool and trendy this summer.

Braided Crown and Low Bun

If you don’t know how to French braid, you might want to phone a friend to help you out with this one.

French braid a long piece of hair that goes around the crown of your head. Then, gather the rest of your hair in a low bun.

This royal hairstyle works great for heading into the office for a hot summer workday.

Bubble Ponytail

I love finding new styles to try, and this is one I can’t wait to wear again this summer.

Turn an ordinary ponytail into a flowing mane of puffy hair bubbles.

Create your usual ponytail, then tie tiny elastics about an inch apart and push slightly up on the hair to create voluminous orbs of hair in four or five sections of the tail.

Pigtail Braids and a Bandana

This is my favorite hairstyle to wear around the house when I’m cleaning!

It keeps the hair out of your face and keeps you cool.

Braid your hair in pigtails and take a bandana folded in the corners. 

Throw it over your head and bring it slightly away from your hairline, then secure it in a knot at the base of your neck.

I hope you found one or two quick and easy ways to style your hair this summer to stay cool and stylish at the same time.

Feel free to add your own twist to the hairstyles to make it more “you.”

No matter which style you try, you’ll be the trendiest friend in your group!

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