Last updated on May 8, 2022
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Taking care of your hair is a habit you learn while growing up; your parents probably told you to brush your hair every morning, wash behind your ears, and thoroughly rinse the conditioner.

But, when you see a shampoo bottle mention to “rinse and repeat,” does it matter?

You probably already have a regimen you follow for your specific hair type, but your curiosity may get the best of you.

So, here are a few reasons to shampoo twice and how it may help your hair feel soft, silky, and clean.

Concept of Haircare

Proper hair care is essential for maintaining good hygiene and also your appearance.

It reassures that your scalp stays healthy, you don’t have buildup in your strands, and your hair stays strong. 

Making time for hair care matters in the long run; using appropriate products and visiting a reputable salon that considers your hair needs will help your hair remain healthy.

Shampoo and Condition

So, what are shampoo and conditioner anyway?

Firstly, the shampoo works as a cleansing agent, containing surfactants and detergents to help remove oil, dirt, product buildup, environmental pollutants, and sweat throughout your hair.

The conditioner contains proteins, botanical extracts, and natural oils, helping nourish the hair after cleansing. It leaves a protective film on the hair and helps leave it soft and shiny.


There are many aftercare products to use on your hair to keep it luxurious; hair masks, serums, lotions, and sprays to feel soft and nourished.

However, this can build up on the hair over time, so regularly washing your hair allows the product to do its job and later removes it after use.

Reasons to Shampoo Twice

The biggest reason to shampoo twice in your hair care routine is to achieve a thorough cleansing and removal of buildup.

When you wash the first time, you remove product and debris buildup on the scalp. However, it doesn’t always penetrate enough and can leave your scalp still feeling unwashed.

Upon your second wash, you’re working the shampoo deeper into the scalp and strands, giving it a deep and satisfying clean.

However, washing your hair twice can quickly lead to dryness and frizz.

So, make sure you wash your hair roughly once or twice a week compared to every day or every other day.

Finding the Right Shampoo

Having a proper hair care regimen comes down to the products you use.

Finding the perfect shampoo for your hair and scalp depends on your hair texture, porosity, and lifestyle.

If you’re physically active and have a lot of hair, a deeper cleansing shampoo will benefit you greatly. If you have tight curls, a hydrating shampoo may work better.

Once you start shampooing twice, you’ll notice a difference in your hair. It will feel cleaner and softer, and with a scented shampoo, it will also smell fantastic.

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