Fall wedding
Last updated on September 4, 2022
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As tan lines begin to fade and the days get shorter, fall is on the horizon.

While many people decide to get married during the summer months, others choose to embrace the crisp fall weather and gorgeous colors for their big day.

If you have a wedding on your calendar within the next few months, you may be wondering how to dress for a fall wedding.

Read on for the best fall wedding guest attire.

Stick With Earthy Tones

Summer is the perfect time to rock those bright, vibrant colors; on the other hand, fall is the best time to tone it down with some earthy hues.

For instance, satin or silk dresses in deep reds, oranges, greens, and blues are ideal choices for a fall wedding.

Solid-colored options are your best friend for fall events, but be sure to choose a shade that flatters your unique skin tone.

Dresses With Sleeves

While you may steer away from sleeved dresses in the summer heat, there’s nothing stopping you now.

Break out your favorite fall dresses, whether they have short, quarter-length, or full-length sleeves.

Interestingly, dresses with sleeves may look more formal or sophisticated, making them a perfect choice for a fall wedding.

Aside from the look, sleeves will keep you comfortable if the weather turns cool. If you’re not a fan of layered looks, you should definitely consider going with a sleeved dress; this way, you can leave the jacket at home.

Don’t Be Afraid To Layer

It’s no secret that fall evenings can get uncomfortably chilly. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to wear layers to a wedding.

Although you want to look your best, there’s no shame in prioritizing comfort.

Consider slipping on a denim jacket, knit cardigan, or classy shawl over your dress to keep warm throughout the night.

If you get too warm on the dance floor, it’s very easy to remove your outerwear, refresh your dress, and get back out there.

Pro Tip

If you opt for a floor-length dress, you can wear leggings underneath to keep warm, and nobody will ever know!

Choose Gold Accessories

Because you should choose an earthy tone for your attire, you should also opt for gold accessories as a nice contrast.

Gold accents are much warmer than silver, making gold shoes, jewelry, and handbags the perfect additions to your fall wedding guest ensemble.

While statement jewelry is a good choice if you’re wearing a solid color, there’s nothing wrong with wearing dainty gold jewelry.

Learning how to dress for a fall wedding is only a small part of the dos and don’ts of wedding guest attire.

Whether it’s your first fall wedding or your hundredth, you can enjoy the night when you dress classy but comfortably.

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