Last updated on May 22, 2023
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Fragrances stimulate your senses.

For some, that stimulation is less pleasant than it is for others.

Many beauty items feature a distinct scent designed to fill your surroundings with aromatics and enhance your beauty routine.

However, now more than ever, people are ditching the scents and going back to the basics with fragrance-free products.

Explore reasons why people are avoiding fragrances and why you should double-check your skin-care ingredients.

Synthetic Chemicals

Everything emits a scent. You can sense some aromas vividly, while others are milder.

However, one of the biggest issues with fragrances nowadays is where they come from. Many brands and products use synthetic ingredients to recreate a fragrance.

The chemicals used for synthetic fragrances work effectively to make the scent potent and long-lasting, but they also cause other chemical reactions with less positive effects.

Most synthetic scents consist of a petroleum base and chemicals like phthalates that disrupt your endocrine system and your hormones.

If you endure too much exposure to synthetics or absorb them into your bloodstream, they can cause hormonal imbalances and other possible health issues.

Skin and Allergen Sensitivities

Your senses stimulate reactions. Touching a hot surface makes you pull back. Looking into a bright light causes you to squint. Eating sour food puckers up your face. Some people are more sensitive than others with their reactions.

Fragrances cause two different possible types of reactions, respiratory and skin allergies. Those with sensitive noses and lungs find it hard to breathe when exposed to potent scents and sneeze profusely.

Sensitive skin finds certain ingredients irritable, causing inflammation and redness. When caring for sensitive skin, skin-care experts recommend avoiding fragrances because your skin is more likely to react to them.

Environmental Pollution

Many people boycott scented products because of their environmental impact. Fragrances emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that linger and pollute the air. VOCs react with nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere, forming ground-level ozone.

The larger and thicker the ozone layer, the faster the planet heats up. A build-up of VOCs from fragrances plays an active part in global warming.

People avoid fragrances for many reasons, varying from their sensitivities to environmental concerns.

Whether you choose to stay clear of scented beauty products or like to indulge in an aromatic experience as part of your self-care, familiarizing yourself with how the ingredients in your skin care affect your skin.

Synthetic fragrances cause more issues than natural scents due to active chemicals implemented in their ingredient list.

Natural scents cut out harsh and toxic chemicals, reducing VOCs and skin irritation.

Although many opt to steer clear of fragrances of any kind, certain scents do less harm than others. 

Enhance your skin care with products featuring ingredients that are healthy and soothing to your senses.

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