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  • The Best Haircare Routine For Gorgeous Hair On Your Wedding
Last updated on November 7, 2023
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Every bride desires to walk down the aisle with a gorgeous gown, a radiant smile, and stunningly healthy hair.

But achieving flawless hair doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a thoughtful, consistent haircare routine.

Continue reading about the best ways to get gorgeous hair on your wedding day!

Exfoliate and Condition the Scalp

A healthy scalp is the foundation of lustrous locks. Exfoliate your scalp regularly to remove the dead skin cells and product buildup that contribute to dull hair.

Choose a gentle exfoliating shampoo designed for scalp care and apply it once a week.

Moisturizing the scalp is the next step. Doing so contributes to the hair’s overall health and vibrancy. Invest in a high-quality, nourishing conditioner that suits your hair type.

 Apply it to clean, damp hair. Pay special attention to your scalp and roots. Leave the conditioner on for the product’s recommended time before rinsing.

Get Hair Trims Every 8 to 10 Weeks

Brides who want to encourage hair growth should get hair trims every 8 to 10 weeks. Split ends impede hair growth. If you want to have healthy-looking hair and grow several inches before the wedding, we recommend this crucial step!

Hairstylists recommend getting a quarter-of-an-inch to an inch cut during hair trims. These regular trims will prevent split ends from reaching toward the root and leave you with luscious and healthy hair.

Incorporate a Clarifying Shampoo

Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to deeply cleanse the hair and scalp. This amazing hair care item removes oils, dirt, and leftover products.

A clarifying shampoo will keep your hair and scalp fresh, vibrant, and healthy. Most hair types only need this product once a month.

However, oily hair types or those who use many hair products may benefit from using a clarifying shampoo twice a month.

Reduce the Frequency of Heat Styling Tools

Curling irons, straighteners, and hair dryers can damage your hair if you use them too frequently. Excessive heat can cause dryness, split ends, and loss of hair integrity.

Consider embracing more heat-free styling methods, such as heatless curls. If you must use a heat styling tool, use a lower temperature setting and always apply a heat protectant spray. These precautions will help to produce the results you desire on your big day!

Apply Nourishing Hair Oil to the Ends

An effective way to prevent dry and dull ends is to nourish the hair with an oil that suits your hair type. Lightweight options such as Argan and Jojoba oil work wonders! 

These oils provide deep hydration and nutrients such as vitamin E, antioxidants, and zinc. Applying hair oils may be a small step, but it will make a significant difference in the overall appearance and texture of your hair.

Choosing a wedding hairstyle based on your hair type will impact your final wedding day look, but it’s only half the battle. Follow this haircare routine advice to enjoy the gorgeous hair you crave on your wedding day!

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