locum tenens
Last updated on May 21, 2022
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In short: a locum is a doctor who, in the absence of a general practitioner, takes on a temporary role for a short time, usually for a few days to a week. Although, in some cases, it may be for longer.

Despite rising popularity and career opportunities in the industry, not many are aware of the existence of locum doctors.

Nowadays, locum tenens are used by many health facilities as a substitute for their general practitioners and have been used by more and more health facilities in recent years.

Locum tenens companies report a rise in demand for both new and experienced doctors in this growing field.

This Is Why

  • Many health facilities use locum tenens as temporary workers in a hospital or medical center. This temporary staffing solution ensures that patients are not neglected and that doctors gain career flexibility.
  • Working in locum tenens gives doctors more opportunities to work and in turn improve patient care outcomes and reduce costs for healthcare providers and their patients.
  • Although working as a locum doctor can help doctors balance career and life, there are still problems. It is not unusual for many doctors to seek alternative career paths; after all, the medical field nowadays has several challenges, such as the high cost of professional insurance and lack of access to medical education.
  • As a locum doctor, you can always decide whether you want to work or not, and where and when exactly. More importantly, you can choose the type of work you do and for how long.
  • Recurring assignments are not uncommon, and working as a locum can bring benefits to those who have just begun their career by allowing them to experience many different healthcare environments.
  • For older doctors thinking about retirement, it can give them a break from their work or reduce their involvement in dealing with various tasks.
  • There are times when healthcare providers allow locum doctors to return from time to time. This is beneficial for the doctors themselves because they can shorten their adjustment time and adapt immediately to the environment.
  • Doctors working as locums can handle recurring tasks and duties which are beneficial to employers who need skilled workers until they can afford to hire them full-time. It also allows them to maintain the level of care to patients at the health facilities.
  • Other healthcare professionals can also benefit from interaction with locum experts. For example, nurses can benefit from consultations with locum healthcare specialists, given their experience and knowledge of procedures and different facilities.

Choosing The Right Locum Tenens Company

The support provided during the onboarding process of a locum tenens can ensure that doctors can take advantage of all the benefits offered. However, doctors must find a locum tenens company that takes their concerns and needs into account to ensure that they have a good experience.

Locum tenens is no longer a career path reserved for retired or experienced doctors, it can also be a good fit for those who are just starting their career and those with limited experience.

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