Last updated on July 4, 2024
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Quilting is a fulfilling hobby that intertwines creativity and tradition.

Whether you want to make a cozy quilt for your bed or friends and family, it’s a wonderful hobby to explore.

Continue reading to discover the items you should buy to start quilting.

Essential Quilting Tools

Before you start quilting, you’ll need some essential tools.

First, get a good quality rotary cutter. This tool will help you cut fabrics quickly and accurately.

You’ll also need a self-healing cutting mat. This mat protects your surfaces and keeps your rotary cutter blades sharp.

Don’t forget a clear acrylic ruler. It’s crucial for measuring and cutting straight lines.

Another must-have is a set of sharp fabric scissors. These are different from regular scissors and make cutting fabric easier.

You’ll also need sewing pins and a seam ripper. Pins hold your fabric pieces together, while a seam ripper helps you fix mistakes.

Invest in a good iron and ironing board. Pressing your fabric and seams is essential for a professional look.

Don’t forget to choose the perfect quilting machine. This tool will help you sew through the thick quilting materials.

Selecting Fabrics

Choosing the right fabric can make or break your quilt.

For beginners, it’s best to start with 100 percent cotton fabric. Cotton is easy to work with and comes in various colors and patterns. When selecting fabrics, think about the color scheme and design you want.

Do you prefer bold, vibrant colors or soft, pastel shades?

Pre-cut fabrics like fat quarters and charm packs are excellent for beginners. They come in coordinated sets, making it easier to choose matching fabrics.

If you’re unsure, visit a local fabric store. Many stores offer helpful advice and even samples.

Additional Tools

While the essentials are enough to get started, some additional tools can enhance your quilting experience. One helpful tool includes a walking foot, which helps feed multiple layers of fabric evenly through your machine.

A quilting ruler and marking tools are also handy for more complex designs. You might also consider a design wall. This device lets you lay out your quilt pieces and see the pattern before sewing.

Where to Buy Quilting Supplies

Finding affordable and quality quilting supplies is essential. Local fabric stores are a great place to start. They offer a wide range of fabrics and tools.

Plus, you can get advice from experienced staff. Online retailers like Amazon and Etsy also provide a vast selection. Websites like and Joann Fabrics often have sales and discounts.

Quilting-specific shops are great for finding specialty items. These stores offer unique fabrics and high-quality tools. Don’t forget to join quilting communities online. They often share tips on where to find the best deals and recommend trusted sellers.

Now that you know which items to start quilting, you can start your first project.

This rewarding and enjoyable hobby will have you impressing your friends and family.

 Avoid comparing yourself to other quilters because we’ve all started at the beginning.

 Enjoy the process and celebrate your progress.

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