Last updated on August 7, 2022
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Self-care comes in a variety of forms.

Keeping yourself comfortable and content matters, whether you enjoy soaking it up in a bubble bath after a hard day or taking a walk through the local hiking trail.

The same goes for having a proper skin-care routine.

Removing bacteria and grime accumulation from your skin can feel like the top of the everyday sundae.

While you spend your time and money nourishing your face, it’s common to forget about the rest of your body.

 So let’s look at the five neglected body parts that need more love.


Our hands are often the most used areas of our bodies.

We use them to clean up, grab things, touch surfaces, carry belongings, and more.

However, while washing your hands is a habit, moisturizing and protecting them from the sun should be, too.

Applying moisturizer on your hands and the rest of your body daily will keep your skin soft, making for the ultimate full-body skin-care routine.

Additionally, you can prevent sunspots and UV ray damage with proper SPF coverage.


Our elbows help keep us propped up, help us reach for the nearby light switch, and help us extend our arms for out-of-reach goodies.

However, it’s easy to forget about nourishing them.

Over time, elbows become dry and scaly after excessive reliance. So ensure that you regularly wash, exfoliate, and moisturize your elbows for softer skin.

Neck and Decolletage

While washing your face might feel like second nature, the obvious signs of aging come from your neck and decolletage. So don’t skip on nourishing your neck area.

Over time, skin becomes dull and crepe-like, creating the visual appearance of aging.

So apply serums, moisturizers, and SPF along your neck and decolletage to slow aging.


We often use our knees for many things; kneeling to grab something, squatting, and lifting objects off the floor.

However, your knees can become dry and rough due to wear and lack of moisture.

So you must exfoliate and moisturize your knees regularly. After a few days, your knees will look and feel noticeably softer.


After being trapped in socks or dirty shoes all day, it becomes a hot, moist environment for bacteria to fester.

So your feet are another neglected body part that could use some extra love.

Ensure that you wash your feet daily to avoid infections. Additionally, exfoliating your feet can reduce signs of calluses and dryness.

For fantastic hydrating results, put thick moisturizer on your feet and slip on socks before bed. It will keep your feet feeling soft and nourished.

Keeping your body nourished and moisturized will feel good externally and make you feel good from within.

Proper bodily care can help improve your mood and prepare you to tackle the world.

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