Last updated on July 10, 2022
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There are some key ways to earn more money as a hairdresser.

One of these ways is to make sure you have all the right tools to do the job effectively.

So here are five styling tools that every hairdresser should have.

All-Purpose Styling Shears

Hairdressers can’t do their jobs without a good pair of all-purpose styling shears.

When you’re cutting and styling hair, you need a pair of shears that can do any job quickly and effectively.

All-purpose styling shears give you the versatility you need to perform your job well and create nearly any hairstyle for a client.

You can use these shears for everything, from layering to texturizing to trimming and anything in between.

Make sure you sharpen them every so often to ensure your clients receive a proper haircut without issues.

Blending Shears

Once you have a pair of all-purpose styling shears, you’ll also need a good pair of blending shears.

Blending shears are ideal for perfecting all the fine details while styling clients’ hair.

These shears help hairdressers soften lines, remove weight, and bring a look together for that final reveal.

You’ll need a pair of blending shears to perfect all those final touches so that a hairstyle feels complete.

Styling Combs

Styling combs are another essential tool for every hairdresser.

These combs come in various shapes, styles, and sizes so that you can create a large range of different looks and hairstyles.

In addition, styling combs help you to create clean sections of hair as you cut, style, or color it. 

For example, rat tail styling combs are great for sectioning hair and creating styles like braids.

Hair Dryers

Every hairdresser needs a reliable hair dryer.

Hair dryers are the perfect tools for quickly drying hair after cutting so that clients can see their final look.

You can also use hair dryers to create styles, like blowouts and beach waves. Hair dryers also help clear away excess hair from the scalp and neck to maintain a clear headspace as you cut, trim, and style your client.

These tools are versatile and beneficial in several scenarios, so every hairdresser should have one on hand.

Sectioning Clips

Another useful tool that all hairdressers should have is sectioning clips.

These clips are perfect for sectioning off pieces of hair while cutting, styling, and coloring.

Sectioning clips make a hairdresser’s job so much easier because it’s like having an extra set of hands. 

Every hairdresser should keep these clips in their toolbox to make their styling more efficient.

Now that you know the five essential tools that all hairdressers should have, you can begin adding them to your toolbox today.

Once you have all the necessary tools, you will be able to provide clients with the best experience possible.

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