Last updated on April 13, 2022
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Clip in human hair extensions can transform your look and allow you to change the new hairstyle perfectly.

Remy clip in hair extensions are the long-lasting extension and can be worn for 12 months or longer. 

Sometimes, when you order seamless hair extensions , the extension's color doesn't match your original hair color, or you don't like the extension color.

In this situation, you may want to color your extension, but the question that every women who wear human hair extensions ask is whether it's safe to dye their extensions or not?

Yes, You Can Dye Clip In Hair Extensions

Don't worry about it; all the clip in hair extensions are safe to dye so that you can dye your favorite color at your clip in hair extensions.

You can do anything with your clip in hair extensions that you can do with your natural hair.

Which means you can do the cutting, dying, chemical processing, and any styling done on normal hair. Most women dye hair extension to get an extra match to their natural hair color.

Here are some essential steps to remember when you dye your Remy clip in hair extensions.

Step 1: Change It If You Don't Like Color

If clip in human hair extensions aren't quite a perfect color for you, it can be massively frustrating.

But don't worry, if you want to save money and want that perfect color you want, you can dye these extensions. As long as you make your clip in wings darker or alter the tone, it's quite a process that you can easily do at your home.

If you need to lighten or highlight your human hair extension, consider enlisting professional stylist help. You can do it, but it's trickier and involves more process.

It can be damaging to your already investment if done wrong. Before dying, check that your hair extensions are real human hair. If yes, you can do it. Because artificial hair extensions never color successfully.

Step 2: Select The Color

Choose a color and developer line. A boxed color form a drugstore never provides you with enough options to select the developer you will use on extensions, and that's what you need. A demi-permanent color or 10 volume developer is perfect.

You can also use a 20-volume developer if required, but avoid 30 and 40 volume colors as they will damage your hair extension.

After buying hair color and developer, gather a few supplies:

  • Hair color gloves
  • Bowl and brush
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tinfoil
  • Towel
  • Wide-toothed comb

Step 3: Setup Workspace And Prepare Color

If it's possible, set up your supplies on a large table or counter with plenty of room to color comfortably. The place must be warm and well lit. Now you can spread tinfoil across the work area to prevent stains from color.

According to the instructions, prepare hair color. Most hair color is made by mixing equal parts of the developer and color. You required approximately 4-5 ounces of prepared color for extensions, but more color may need depending on the hair length.

 There's no need to wash prior color, but you should comb through to remove tangles. After that, lay the extensions across tinfoil. Never color extension when they are wet.

Step 4: Apply Hair Color

With gloves and hairbrushes, you can straight every section of extension and apply hair color. Be sure that you apply color entirely on both sides of extensions from top to bottom. It's far best to use too much color rather than not enough.

So, start at the top of the extension and move down to the ends, following the natural fall of hair. 

Applying the color upwards can damage your extension and will leave them messy and frizzy.

Step 5: Process The Color

After applying the color to every section of the extension, cover them with the plastic wrap to prevent the color drying out before it soaks in.

It allows color to process at standard room temperature for the time specified on the manufacturer's directions 20 to 45 minutes.

You can also check a small section of the extension after every 6 to 7 minutes during the processing time by nicely rubbing the extension's color with a paper towel, after checking to reapply color with a brush and remember that hair color when wet appears darker than it does when dry.

When you feel the extension's color is satisfactory, you can rinse out the hair and fold the tinfoil in half of the simple transportation over a sink.

Step 6: Rinse The Color

Using the cold water at low pressure, you can rinse extension with your fingers' help to work the excess dye out. It would help if you allowed the water to flow in the direction that the hair naturally falls.

Indeed through rinsing, take an absolute minimum of 17 to 20 minutes. Keep rinsing until you remove all the color.

Follow up shampoo your extension with sulfate-free, mild, and moisturizing or color-safe shampoo. You don't need to dull the extensions down before you can wear them.

Step 7: Comb The Extensions

After rinsing, lay a towel on the workspace and apply a leave-in conditioner to every extension section.

Now you can gently comb with a wide-toothed comb. After that, let them dry. When you see the clip in hair extensions are completely dry, you can use them as you want.


Clip in hair extensions are the perfect partner if you're thin and small hairs. Yes, you can dye clip in extensions according to desire and get a perfectly stunning look that you want.

Before dying the clip in extensions, you must know about the extension quality. If your hair extensions are made of real human hair, it's quite easy to color and provide you the best results.

But, if the extensions are made of artificial hair, then it may not work properly. Real Remy hairs can easily dye while artificial colors never provide you the best results. 

Hopefully, our clip in hair extensions blog provides you informational content that will help you select and use hair extensions.

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