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Ultrasonic Infuser
Last updated on February 12, 2023
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So you’ve been using your skin care regimen for quite some time now.

You follow all the steps. You prep, you wash, your dry, you pat, and more. But you don’t see a difference in your skin! What gives?


You’ve tried everything and invested a lot of money into your skin routine.

Would it sound absurd to you that you may not be absorbing all that product you slap on your skin? I know, cringe.

“You’re telling me… I could be basically wasting all my products because they’re not fully absorbing into my skin?” No, I didn’t say that. But you’re right!

Ultrasonic Infusers have emerged as a solution to this new found skin problem we’ve all been having. Using hundreds of thousands of ultrasonic energy pulses per second, an infuser helps to push your favorite products deeper into the skin.

This ensures that those beneficial ingredients in your favorite products are able to do the best possible job and an infuser also propels more than 3 times the formula into your skin with a single dose. This way, you get more bang for your buck!

Top 10  Ultrasonic Infusers Comparison






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JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser





Micheal Todd

Micheal Todd











Ultrasonic and Thermal





Ultrasonic and Thermal



Swiss Ultimatelabs

Swiss Ultimate Labs




Top 5 Best Ultrasonic Infuser Reviews

Looking for the best ultrasonic infuser can be confusing. After all, you’re banking on this thing to save your skin routine! Though there are not many brands and models available, you may have no idea where to even start!

We’ve narrowed it down to top 5 ultrasonic infusers to make it easier for you and your road to facial freedom!

1. JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser Review

JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser may be the most popular and dermatologist approved infuser on the market. The JeNu Infuser harnesses the power of ultrasound to maximize the absorption of any skin care product you are already using by 6 times.

By emitting 356,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second, the JeNu device gently pushes more of the product from your skin care into your skin.

The JeNu infuser should be used in conjunction with a special JeNu gel that contains microspheres. These microspheres focus the ultrasonic energy into the skin care product and push it into the skin. The skin care products will work better and faster by using an infuser along with the special gel!

This ultrasonic infuser is a sleek, compact device. Being that this device is easily handheld, you’re daily routine just got a whole lot easier and faster! It takes just 1 minute to use, and its 100% safe and pain free.

Learn how to use the JeNu Infuser from below video.

JeNu reviews have been quite good so far. In a recent independent study, 160 women were given JeNu to use with their current skin care products.

Over 200 products from 80 brands were used. 90% said that the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser made their existing products work better. 80% couldn’t believe how much faster they saw results when they added the JeNu Infuser.

These JeNu infuser reviews underline its popularity making it the top pick among ultrasonic infusers for home.

2. Michael Todd SonicEraser Pro

Micheal Todd

The Michael Todd SonicEraser Pro is clinically tested and dermatologist approved. Now that you know it’s safe to use on that pretty face of yours, let’s get to the good stuff.

This device massages skin to revive and restore radiance when applying your everyday facial serum and moisturizers, more effectively than without the device.

It makes use of triplex infusion technology that combines Sonic, Ionic, and thermal infusion to warm and open pores.

By doing so you get the maximum absorption of up to 8 times better than with hands alone! You can expect good improvements in hydration, elasticity, firmness and reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.

The Michael Todd SonicEraser Pro boasts some edgy packaging. This handheld device is a lilac purple in color, has a skin contact sensor and comes with a matching charging station.

This device is suitable for all skin types. Simply apply a small amount of your favorite skin care product, turn on your SonicEraser Pro, and watch the magic happen!

3. Vijuve Ultrasonic Facial Care Device

The Vijuve Ultrasonic Facial Care device is an affordable, handheld infuser suited for all your skin needs. This device FDA featured device vibrates at  9000 per minute to rebuild collagen, tighten pores and improve blood circulation.

The portable device helps to relax muscles and relieve pain, helps stimulate the blood circulation so that your pores open, can help the skin to quickly absorb all kinds of skin care products, and helps the skins elasticity.

The sleek massager helps with skin firmness, maintains skin flexibility, prevents allergies and other problems, shrinks pores and reduces wrinkles, and can soothe and reduce and skin redness or pain.

The auto sense device turns on when you place your hand on device. Before using apply the serum and creams on your face. Once your device is turned on, you may begin use for 10 minutes at a time. The device can run for 2 to 3 weeks on a single AAA battery.

You may perform face treatments on the entire face (except the eyelids.) Use this device anytime, anywhere!

4. TouchBeauty Sonic Vibration Eye Massager


Eye massager? Say what? This device is strategically designed to target those problem areas around your eyes. You know, the crow’s feet, the dark circles, the puffiness…. cringe.

Mainly, the goal of this device is to help the absorption of your eye cream. The device is designed to help revitalize the delicate skin under the eyes, and it soothes and refreshes the skin for a brighter appearance.

The heated treatment at 40° Celsius stimulates skin cells through massage and locks in moisture, improves blood circulation, and revives eyes fatigue.

To use, ensure your fingers are fully in contact with the smart skin sensor.

Put the massage head against the skin and move it gently in circular motion from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes. Recommended use is twice daily. Do not use more than 5 minutes every time.

This device is especially suitable for at-home-mom's, people who always stay up late, often, office workers who often face computers for long periods of time, and students.

5. Zlime Vibrating Ionic Heating Eye Massager


First, let's talk about packaging. The Zlime Vibrating Ionic Heating Eye Massager is a small handheld device in the color pink.

Not only does it feature gorgeous packaging, but it comes with a cap to keep the device safe and clean all the time.

The eye massager has a specially designed diagonal massage head. The 45 degrees incline of the massage head ensures that every part of the device touches your skin from eyes, forehead, cheeks, and neck.

The thermal vibrations and ions from this infuser promotes penetration and maximum absorption of skin products into the skin.

To use, apply desired skin care essence on face. With one hand, hold the device and massage the head into your skin. Clean the massage head when finished and replace the cap.

The Zlime Vibrating Ionic Heating Eye Massager is an affordable and is a much needed device to revolutionize your skin routine!

Things to Consider For An Ultrasonic Infuser

You may be eager to try this new skin care routine everyone seems to rave about. You're ready to commit to a new face and skin routine! But, before buying an ultrasonic infuser, there are a few things you should consider.

Budget- Of course you may be able to pay whatever necessary to find the perfect infuser for you. After all, you're saving money in the long run by getting more results for your money from your skin products!

But still, there are a few devices out there than can be rather pricey. If you're going the alternative route and choosing a cheaper device, make sure it's not too good to be true price wise!

Features- Certain features may make or break your infuser purchase. Choosing a device that does what it's supposed to and more, is always a plus! Some of the devices combine thermal infusion along with ultrasonic to give even better results

The Kingstar infuser is a device that features hot and cold temperature options and the 2Nice device features a 45 degree diagonal head.

Which Ultrasonic Infuser Should You Choose?

Each of the infusers above are great for those who are wanting to invest in a quality infuser. However, there is a clear winner when it comes to picking the best device for your budget and to suit your needs!

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser is our top choice for the best ultrasonic infuser!

From the above JeNu reviews it is clear that he revolutionary skin care device has the best features, price and a clinical study to support its effectiveness!

Don't let your skin or pockets suffer anymore. No more wasted products, no more empty results!

Alexis Hattabaugh

Alexis Hattabaugh is a creative writer who has published numerous blog articles and manages social media content for various businesses. She loves to travel a lot and is an avid dog lover. She also works as content and social media manager at Central Kansas Crushers Academy.

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