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Last updated on September 21, 2022
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If you are running late and need to go to work or school but still need to do your makeup, you don't need to fret.

Some tried and true methods to accomplish the task without having to complete it while driving.

In fact, it is best to avoid putting makeup on while driving.

If you have a driver, you can skip down to the meat of the article. 

If you are the only occupant in the car, so you have to drive, please wait until you are at a stop at a red light, or even wait until you get to your destination and apply the makeup while parked before going in.

Now that the safety aspects are covered, we can get to the reason you are here. You want to know how to do your makeup in the car.

Be Prepared For Applying Makeup In The Car

Using the rearview mirror in the passenger seat is never a good idea because it reduces the driver's visibility around the car.

If you are driving, you can use it at a stop or parked, but when the vehicle is moving, it needs to be in the proper location for driving.

Have at least one handheld mirror in your car makeup pack. If you do not have a small on-the-go makeup bag, you should get one set up before leaving.

It should contain everything discussed here, plus anything else you may think you will need.


If you have time to do one part of your makeup routine before leaving, this is the step you should take.

The foundation is what creates the base for the rest of the makeup, so it needs to be perfect. If you do not have time at home, you can still do an excellent job in the car. You will just need to change things up a bit.

When in the car, the best way to put the foundation on is to use a small compact version of the type you usually use or one that will work just as good on the fly.

If you prefer to use cream-based products, dab it with a sponge and spread it as you go. It is better to use powder with the pad that comes with it because it goes on smoother when in a hurry, but the choice is yours to make.


The next step will be to apply the concealer to cover any eye bags, blemishes, or other areas that you need to cover up.

The easiest way to do this is by using a concealer stick. This makes it easy to dab into the places you need or rub it on the bigger areas without getting your fingers involved.

If you have some wet wipes in the car, it will not matter much if you use your fingers to even everything out, but if you have no way to wash your hands, avoid using anything but the tools in your makeup bag.

If you have the right product for your face, it will look as good as if you did it at home.

Once again, we must touch on the safety and legality of putting makeup on in the car. If you are driving, it is imperative that you pay attention to the road when the vehicle is moving.

Otherwise, you will wish that you had asked what does comprehensive car insurance cover because you may end up in a crash that will be filed as a claim against your insurance company.

The simple solution is to wait until you are at a red light or in the parking lot of your destination.


The next step is to put the blush on. Once again, when applying makeup in the car, the best product to use would be a blush that comes in a powder form.

 If you prefer the other types, you can give them a try, but as a general rule, when in a moving car, you will want to opt for the powder forms of every aspect of your on-the-go makeup routine.

You will want to apply the blush on your cheeks and nose to add a little color to your face. The tones are up to you and your particle skin type, depending on the look that you are going for.

You can always use some colored lip balms, just apply and rub them in with your fingers. Hopefully, you have wet wipes in the car to wash your hands when done.


It is now time to set everything that you have done so far and to knock out some areas of your face that seem to shine.

Dab the powder onto your cheeks and nose to lock in the look of the foundation and concealer you have accomplished so far.

Use the brush sparingly but effectively to reduce the amount of powder that goes into the air. It could end up in your or the driver's eye, leading to a safety issue.

A soft brush will work better to blend the powder in, so opt for one of those compared to a stiffer brush that will cause the powder to dust the air.


Next up is to apply the mascara. Once again, the color and type will be up to your personal preference, but this step will stiffen your eyelashes to make them look longer and more full.

Plus, it gives you a darker color than what your regular eyelashes have. If you like color added to them, this is the time to do it.

Since you are in a car, you will want to wait until you are at a stop. Most of the other steps are a little bit forgiving if your driver hits a pothole or runs over debris on the road.

 Mascara is not because it can get into your eye, which will make for a bad day.

Lip Gloss Or Lip Stick

The last step in the process is your lips. Whether you prefer to use lip gloss or lipstick is entirely up to you.

This is an aspect of your makeup that you will fix throughout the day, so it should be something you can apply fast and easily.

The best style is the ones in the tubes that you twist up, but if you feel brave, you can try to use one of the products that need a brush to apply.


That is all there is to it. The entire process may seem like it would take a long time to finish, but if you have been applying your own makeup for any length of time, you know how fast it can be done.

This is especially true if you use compact versions of the makeup you would typically use at home.

If you are using different products and types of makeup than at home, you may need to take a few extra minutes to ensure that your face looks as beautiful as you expect.

A moving car can cause you some issues when applying makeup, which is why it is best to apply it while the vehicle is stopped.

Sometimes, you will have no choice, so be careful and watch ahead for any big holes the driver may decide to hit.

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