Last updated on October 23, 2022
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Whether you own your salon or work in someone else’s, your hair styling tools are probably just yours.

That means you’ve invested significant money into buying the right ones for you and your preferences.

To get the most out of your tools, you have to take proper care and keep them organized and stored safely.

Keep reading to learn how to safely store your hair styling tools so you can keep them working for a long time.

Choose Heat-Resistant Storage

One of the biggest dangers when storing hair styling tools is not keeping them at a safe temperature.

Placing a hot blow dryer or a curling iron on a flammable surface or storing these tools in a container that isn’t heat-resistant could spell disaster for your tools and the salon.

No matter where you want to keep your tools, ensure your chosen container is heat resistant.

Go Big

Many hair stylists want their tool storage to take up as little room as possible. This isn’t good for organization or storage.

You’ll struggle to find what you’re looking for and could damage your tools by jamming them too close together.

 Always choose larger organization and storage systems so each tool has a specific spot, such as individual places for each pair of scissors from your toolkit.

Count your tools and choose an organization and storage system with enough compartments.

If you can only find a system that has more spots than you need, choose that one. You’d rather have too much space than not enough.

Consider Custom

If you can’t find an organization and storage system in the correct size that’s heat-resistant, consider making your own.

Creating a custom organization and storage system is much more complicated than finding and buying one, but many hair stylists think the reward is worth it.

You can create a system that allows you to easily access your tools based on how you work, and you’ll feel confident leaving them in safe storage overnight.

Knowing how to store your hair styling tools safely is essential for every hairdresser. Whether you’re working out of a professional salon or your home, you need to have peace of mind that your tools are safe when you put them away.

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