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SNS Dipping Powder
Last updated on April 9, 2022
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Let’s face it ladies, we have a love-hate relationship with our nails.

Some of us can’t even fathom living life with naked nails, or worse, unhealthy, cracked, broken, discolored, used and abused nails.

You know what I’m talking about, when there’s no polish to cover them up, you have to face your fears - broken nails.

The problem is that we can’t imagine life without beautiful nails but at the same time, the more acrylic, gel, and chemical treatments we put on our nails, the worse they become over time.

Do we have to destroy the health of our nails for the sake of aesthetics?

If you’re one of those women that loves to pamper herself with the perfect manicure every other week, but you also hate how damaged your nails become post pampering, then maybe it’s time to look for an alternative?

Say goodbye to broken, discolored, unhealthy nails

Luckily for you, there has been a major breakthrough in salon nail treatments and manicures within the last decade or so and these new practices have made their way to mainstream, contemporary salons all over the world.

If you’re also more inclined to doing your own nails in the comfort of your own home, but want a healthier, cheaper, faster, and less abrasive alternative than salon gel manicures, then this SNS nails are for you.

What is SNS Nails?

Nail dipping powders provide a healthier, safer, and less toxic alternative to regular manicures.

SNS(Signature Nail Systems) in particular has developed and invented the first dipping powder nail system that is the leader in the industry today and if you’re tired of looking at dull nails, then they have the answer to your woes.

SNS nails has curated hundreds of shades with one main ideal at the forefront of their campaign to make salons a better place: healthier nail art practices.

They’re the type of folks that actually care about what we put on our nails. Which is pretty refreshing to hear when most companies don’t bother to even look at the well-being of their consumers and clients.

SNS changed the game and have the best nail dipping system today.

The SNS dipping powder nail system is simple.

Instead of applying acetone saturated and chemical filled liquid colors to the nail’s surface, you simply apply a non-toxic adhesive base on the nail, and then you dip your nail into a very fine milled, colored powder.

The nail is then sealed and coated with a special top coat. Not only is this method much easier, and less time consuming because drying is instant as there is no harmful UV light required, it’s long lasting too.

Back in the early 90’s, SNS developed their breakthrough powders, a much needed innovation in the salon industry.

One of the biggest benefits of using their dipping powders instead of gel and acrylic nails is that you will notice a huge difference in the health of your nails.

Even celebrities all over the world have raved about this alternative nail technique. SNS can give the best dip powder nails that looks amazing and much healthier.

How are  SNS  Nails Different?

The SNS dipping powder not only come in a variety of over four hundred colors — more than any other company, but the powders are infused with nutrients — vitamins A, E, D, and B5, plus calcium.

The dipping powders are also odorless, no more smelly salons! The added vitamins and calcium work together to fortify, strengthen, and basically just improve the overall health of your nails.

So instead of your nails getting weaker and weaker every time you get them done, with these nutrient rich powders, your nails become stronger and healthier.

But keep in mind the product is not organic and still uses acrylic powder and chemical glue as ingredients. The infused nutrients, drying capability, less filing required, less damage to nail beds and being odor free are the factors that make them a healthier choice.

You shouldn’t have to deal with the gradual decay of your nails just because you love getting them done and want them to look pretty, right?

That’s why SNS is safer, healthier, but just as stunning on the nails as acrylic or gel nail treatments.

How to Apply SNS Nails at Home

If you want to try the SNS dipping powder at home, there are hundreds of colors to choose from, you just need the base and top coats, and you’re ready to go!

The procedure is always the same and is very easy to follow. You might be interested in watching some tutorials, just to get comfortable with the procedure as a whole.

What you will need

  • Nail File and Buffer
  • SNS Dip powder
  • SNS Nail System ( Gel base, Sealer dry, EA bond, and Gel top)

Check out this simple tutorial video showing you how to achieve those perfect SNS dip powder nails.

Essentially, you apply a base coat, dip your nail into the powder, and apply a top coat.

Easy, right?

Here are the steps involved

  • Push back the cuticles with a nail file and gently buff the nail surface
  • Brush on the EA bond on every nail
  • Then apply the Gel base and dip the nail  into the dip powder one at a time as it dries out real quick
  • Repeat this for all your nails and wipe off any excess powder from your nails
  • Apply the sealer dry to each nail
  • Apply a second coat of gel base and dip your nails again in the dip powder
  • Apply sealer again
  • File the nail to remove any excess powder and shape them the way you want. Buff the nails next
  • Apply the gel top coat that gives a nice shine. You can apply a second coat after waiting a minute or three for the first coat to air dry.

If you’re interested in a more natural, French tip look, or a basic ombré nail effect, this tutorial goes through the methods perfectly:

How to remove SNS Nails at Home

Removing SNS nails is also a simple procedure.

All you need is a nail file, some aluminium paper, cotton balls, and an acetone nail polish remover:

  • Use a nail file to scrap off the top coat layer of your nails
  • Soak the cotton balls in nail polish remover and apply to the nail.
  •  Wrap each nail with the aluminium foil and cotton balls
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Now you can easily remove the polish with any plastic tool
  • File and buff off any remaining powder or polish

Here is a video that shows how to remove SNS nail powder

SNS Nails Reviews

1. SNS Bases and Sealers

SNS Base and Sealers

The first thing you’ll need to start your dipping powder adventure is the base and sealer SNS nail kit.

The SNS nail kit comes with a gel base, sealer dry, EA bond, and gel top.

The gel base is fortified with calcium and vitamin E, allowing your nails to grow thicker and stronger.

The sealer dry is essentially a liquid that hardens the nail and increases its shine, you use it after the dip powder and before the gel top.

EA bond nourishes the nail bed before you apply the dipping powder.

Finally, the gel top adds shine to the nail but also protects it from UV rays. You should be applying this as a final coat.

2. SNS Pink and White Dipping Powders

SNS Pink and White Dipping powders

These powders come in a variety of neutral and natural pink, fleshy shades.

If you like natural, healthy looking nails without the glitz and glam, then these SNS nail colors are for you.

3. SNS French Dip Kit

SNS French dip

If you love your traditional French manicure and want to try the dipping treatment instead of worrying for your nail health, then this pack pretty much has you covered, literally.

You get all the important and relevant bases and coats, as well the pink, neutral, and French white shades in dipping powders.

You also get a tool that will help you dip your nail tip perfectly to get that precise white, French tip line.

4. SNS Nail Dipping Powder Gelous Color - 9 Bright Colors Summer Collection

SNS summer

If you’re into more vibrant, out there shades on your nails, this pack contains 9 dipping powders in a range of summer shades.

5. SNS Nails Gelous Color Kits, Nude Collection

SNS Nude

Instead of pinks and flesh tones, this SNS nail colors collection offers a range of powders beyond the French pink and white tip shades.

SNS Nails Pros and Cons


  • Dries quickly without any UV lamps
  • SNS nail system comes with added nutrients like calcium and Vitamins that improves your nail health
  • The SNS nail treatment lasts for more than two weeks. Instead of having to worry about your bulky nail extensions getting in the way of everyday tasks and jobs, this treatment lets your nails be free!
  • They feel light, but are flexible, and strong. SNS nails are much thinner and feels quite natural
  • Only minimal filing of your nails is required  
  • Completely odor free which is good for you
  • More than 400 nail colors to choose from
  • Your nails are also stainless because the powder itself offers strong shades that aren’t tarnished through wear and tear. Great if you’re a working woman with a busy, hands on job.


  • SNS nails are more expensive than gel or acrylic nails
  • Takes much longer to apply than gel or acrylic nail polishes
  • No fill ins available and have to remove if fully to apply new layer
  • Getting the desired color can take some time as once the powder dries it may look different to shown color
  • Product is not really made of natural or organic ingredients but gives natural feel and is less harsh on your nails

FAQ’s On SNS Nail System 

How Much Does SNS nails Cost?

A single SNS dipping powder can cost from $15 onwards, base and sealers for around $40 while a complete kit can cost up to $200

SNS nails Before and After

Here are some before and after pictures to see the finish you can expect

SNS before and after
SNS nails
SNS nail art
SNS Pink white

SNS nails vs Acrylic vs Gel

Acrylics provide a perfect canvas for applying nail color. They are applied using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to create a hard protective layer over your natural nails. It is transparent and hardens on air exposure.

Acrylic nails last longer, are inexpensive, harder and are easy to remove. But they can damage your nail beds, cured with UV or led lamp, look less natural and have strong chemical smell.

Gel nails have a more natural look and are similar to nail polish. They have a base coat, color polish and top coat. They are cured by UV light and are more flexible than acrylic nails.

Gel nails are costlier than acrylic ones but don’t last as long as them. They too can damage nail beds to a certain extent.

SNS nails are odor free as it is free of strong chemicals. They don’t need UV lamp to dry and is easy to remove. They are healthy for your nail beds and added ingredients promote nail growth.

They are flexible and gives the most natural look and feel though they are more expensive of the lot.        

How to Prevent Gel Base and Gel Top brushes from hardening

The brushes need to be wiped clean with paper towels after each use. Also clean the edges of the bottle with acetone using a paper towel.

Is it Possible to do Refills

SNS do not recommend to refill the gelous color and it is always better to remove the old one and start from beginning

What are available SNS dipping powder sizes and colors?

SNS dipping powders are available in 2 oz., 4oz. and 16 oz. jars and 1 oz. gelous colors

How to Prevent Manicure from Lifting Away from nail?

Before applying the gel base file away any cuticles and never apply over the cuticle. Apply the gel base to three fourth of the nail away from the cuticle region.

SNS Nails Over Everything

SNS is basically just throwing everything we thought we knew about nails, into the trash.

Who knew that you could actually make your nails stronger instead of watching them fall apart while you get them done?

Apart from that, your nail polish lasts longer too. It’s a win-win.

At the end of the day, whether you opt to try it yourself at home, or whether you want to go to the salon, it’s important to be familiar with the SNS techniques of application.

Make sure you watch some tutorials online and become comfortable with the different bases and sealers.

On top of that, if you’re a salon gal, make sure your nail technician is SNS Nails certified, for best results of course.

Who knew having healthier, glossier nails was that easy?

  1. Very pretty. I’ve tried other nail kits in the past but I want to try this out and save money at the nail salon.

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