Last updated on August 15, 2022
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Wigs are an extension of our tastes and styles.

They can work for any social situation, whether you live with alopecia and need a confidence boost or love changing your style every other week.

Whatever your preferences may be, the idea of refreshing our looks can make us feel confident and ready for every social outing.

However, our beautiful wigs can start looking dull over time.

It can result from many things, such as sleeping in them, washing them too often or not enough, and tossing them about when you take them off for the day. 

This can result in knots, loss of shine, and irreparable damage to your wig. So let’s go over a few wig tips and tricks to help keep them looking fresh every day of the year.

Let Your Wig Air Dry

After a good wash, you should reduce the use of a hairdryer on your wigs.

Too much blow-drying can result in your wig drying out and limiting strand breakage. While air-drying allows your wig to avoid heated tools, it can result in tangles.

So, ensure that you apply moisturizing products to your wigs after you wash them.

Moisturizers work wonderfully on your natural hair and help keep your wigs feeling soft and maintain their shine. A good-quality hair mask can help keep your wig strands looking and feeling silky.

Style Your Wig Carefully

Don’t yank out tangles or use high-heat styling tools when you style your wig. Styling it carefully with low-heat tools and gentle brushing can help your wig last longer and maintain its shine.

A must-have wig accessory you should have for styling is a wig cap. It will prevent loose hairs and flyaways from sticking out from under your wig, making your wig look seamless and natural.

You should wash your wig every 7 to 14 days of wear, relying on wig-friendly hair care products to help remove dust and debris. It’s essential to use products that help maintain your wig’s integrity.

Store Your Wig Properly

Instead of leaving your wig out on your dresser, consider storing your wig properly. If your wig spends too much time in direct sunlight, it can cause harm to the hair. Additionally, improper storage can result in tangles, breakage, and loss of shine.

After properly grooming your wig, a few storage methods can keep it luxurious. If you kept the original packaging, you can store your wig and safely pack it away in your closet.

 Otherwise, a silk bag or shoebox can keep your wig tangle-free and hydrated. Silk bags also make for optimal storage while on the go.

Wigs are a fun way to express ourselves through style.

Whether you wear a human-hair curly afro for your night out or a headband wig for everyday errands, compliments become abundant and encourage you to feel your best.

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