Seamless wig
Last updated on January 27, 2022
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Sometimes, nothing is more satisfying than achieving the perfect hairstyle. Maybe it’s a messy top bun or a soft, voluminous curl that will hold for hours.

However, the amount of work you put into styling your hair can feel taxing and frustrating when it won’t cooperate.

So you decide to purchase a few wigs to throw on for nights out.

Upon their arrival, your wigs might look less impressive than they did in the product photos. 

Then, you have no choice but to adjust them to your liking and make them look better. 

If you’re trying to achieve a great hairstyle with your wig, here are a few tips and tricks to make your wig look seamless, no matter where you go.

Tweeze the Hairline

One of the first tips and tricks to make your wig look seamless is plucking the hairs. When a brand-new wig arrives, the roots look too dense and smooth to pull off a natural appearance.

It would help if you used a mirror to see appropriately. Take a pair of tweezers to pluck small strands away from the face toward the back.

From there, you can go forward with the application and style your edges for a seamless look.

Braid Down Your Natural Hair

Once you get your wig, having your natural hair smooth and secured away will allow for a better application.

Cornrowing and flat twists in the direction of the wig’s part will allow for a natural-looking scalp. If your braids lay flat, your wig will also lay flat on the head.

Depending on the texture and length of your hair, the way you secure your hair will vary. Slicking it back or creating a small ponytail will be enough for short hair. Otherwise, braiding will offer the best securing.

Trim the Lace After Trying on the Wig

When it comes to lace-front wigs, most come with a large piece of lace at the hair that lets you customize and apply the wig. It provides a seamless transition between your natural scalp and your wig, making it look like the wig’s hair grew naturally from your head.

Cutting the lace to fit the frame of your face is essential for a smooth transition.

Before you trim your lace, you must try on your wig. You’ll find where you want the wig’s hairline to stop and the scalp to start.

After you find the spot you like, place it on a mannequin and trim off the excess lace. It will take a few attempts to find the sweet spot, but you can take your time.

Use Dry Shampoo and Concealer

When you pull a wig out of the packaging, it can look too shiny. Applying dry shampoo after using the wig will make the shine less abrasive and more natural.

Additionally, you want the part of the wig to match your scalp. A great tip is to apply concealer to the roots to match your scalp skin tone.

Getting a wig that speaks to you makes a big difference in how you see yourself. Once you buy one, you’ll want more.

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