Deep clean makeup brushes
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Make up is a beautiful art form and an important part of people’s identity as they go through life day by day.

There are so many styles and techniques that the average person couldn’t even imagine.


From one makeup artist to a young girl, there are some important things that people need to know.

Make up brushes must be cleaned.

On average use if not washed, they attract a lot of bacteria, oils and dirt, and then those things go on people’s faces.

Maybe the reasons you keep breaking out with acne is not because you are not drinking enough water. Maybe it is because your makeup brushes are dirty.

If you wear makeup but you do not clean your brushes, then you better get into habit of doing it. It is for your own good, you know.

To avoid having to deep clean your makeup brushes, do not forget to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis. After you apply your make up, take the brushes and sponges you use and run them under the tap.

Rinse them nicely in order to eliminate all the makeup on them. Next, use a dry towel to soak up as much water as you can and leave them to dry – always opt to using air dry method.

Drying of a brush takes a while so it’s a really good idea to have a spare set. That way, you can just swap them every day.

If you had turned a blind eye on your makeup brushes, though, you will have to proper deep clean them.

Actually, it is a good idea to deep clean you makeup brushes every now and then even if you clean them accordingly on a daily basis.

How to Deep Clean Makeup Brushes

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Prior to the deep cleaning process of your makeup brushes, you should remove all the makeup reside from them. So, rinse them thoroughly and make sure that no makeup is left on them.

After that you can use mild shampoo – baby shampoo is best – or hand soap for sensitive skin and squirt the amount that you feel is enough on your brush – do not use too much, though.

Begin swirling the brush on your palm and add a little water every now and then so that the brush soaps up really nice. Make sure you have really shampooed every brush properly. Last step – rinse and let dry.

Repeat the aforementioned steps as many times as necessary to achieve the desired result – those are the very basic things you should do if you wish to keep your brushes makeup- and bacteria-free.

Nevertheless, these are far from the only brush cleaning techniques out there. There is a lot more to explore and learn about makeup and the maintenance of brushes.

And now that you have learned how to keep your brushes the way normal people clean them, we would like to touch upon professionals, and familiarize you with the methods they use to clean their brushes.

Two of the leading makeup artists in the country have shared their own techniques on how they keep their brushes in tip to shape.

Pro Tips To Deep Clean Makeup Brushes

A leading makeup artist says that she avoids using water because it makes brushes smell bad. What is more, most high quality makeup brushes have wooden handles.

And as you know, water and wood do not get along very good. Instead, the makeup artist uses specific cleaning products which contain alcohol to keep her brushes pristine.

She cleans her brushes the following way.

Firstly, she pours the desired amount of liquid in a paper cup and twirls the brush in it until everything has fallen off. After that, she places the brushes on paper towels and squeezes the bristles.

This is proven to be a more gentle approach to the cleaning of the brush and it does not damage it. Finally, she leaves them to dry on a towel and after 30 minutes when the cleaning product has evaporated, the brush is dry and perfectly clean.

Another makeup designer’s approach is very similar to the method most people use to clean their brushes.

He thoroughly wets his brushes and gently rubs them with a bar of antibacterial soap. After that, he rinses them with lukewarm water and repeats the same process only using very soft and mild shampoo.

He likes to add a few drops of tea tree oil which leaves them with a lovely fragrance. He chooses tea tree in particular because, apart from adding a very pleasant odour to brushes, tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial agent.

It is not the only one, though. He says that there are many natural oils with characteristics similar to those of tea tree oil.

So, you can experiment with different essential oils yourself and see what works best for you. As for the drying of his brushes, he places them on paper towels and squeezes the water from the bristles.

Things to Avoid

We would now like to turn your attention to another thing – how not to clean your brushes. Of course, is pivotal that you clean your brushes, but it is just as important to clean them properly.

We have done our homework and we have gathered a list of the most common mistakes men and women make.

To begin with, we seem to remember to clean our brushes only when it is too late and they are completely ruined. To avoid this mistake, clean all of your brushes at least once a week.

The second most common mistake is that people treat all brushes the same way. Conversely, each brush is unique and you should treat it differently.

Last but not least, people often use the wrong cleaning product to clean their brushes. Instead of using any mild shampoo or hand soap, check the ingredients learn if they are compatible with your makeup’s bristles.

Using makeup is a unique way to show your identity. And yet, it is essential that you keep your makeup brushes in a good condition to enjoy a healthy and acne-free skin.

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