Makeup cleaning tools
Last updated on July 27, 2022
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But not cleaning your beauty gadgets regularly has a lot poses a lot of risks, both for your health and for the lifespan of your beauty items.

Nevertheless, few of us remember to clean our beauty items. In fact, an astonishing amount of women never cleans their beauty gadgets.

Surely, not all of us use the same beauty products, but there are a few beauty gadgets which every woman has in her beauty bag–tweezers, makeup brushes, nail files and so on can be found in every woman’s beauty arsenal.

 Most women nowadays take as much pride in their beauty tools as their professional career.


On the contrary, keeping your beauty stash clean has tremendous benefits. 

Makeup Brushes 

Of all things in your beauty arsenal, it’s most important to keep your makeup brushes completely disinfected.

This will prevent acne–your brushes collect everything that’s on your face–from oil and dust to dead cells and bacteria, and each time you use your brushes, you will spread this disgusting combination of dirt and grime on your face. 

makeup brush

Dirty makeup brushes will also make the application of your makeup more difficult and they can even clog your pores and cause a staph infection on your skin.

So, if you want to keep your skin clean, clean your makeup brushes, ladies. 


Bad news, girls–we need to clean our tweezers after each use!

According to makeup artists, dirty makeup brushes aren’t the only thing in our beauty storage that can cause acne, our tweezers are another item that houses bacteria and germs which can cause acne, pimples, and even pink eye!

Use spirits to sanitize your tweezers after each use and buy a case to store your tweezers so it doesn’t wander in your bag, collecting dirt and bacteria. 

Nail Clippers 

Are you wondering why the fungus on your toenails showed up again, or why they never left in the first place?

The reason for that might be your toenail clipper. If you don’t sanitize your nail clippers and nail nippers, you risk getting not only a fungal infection, but even hepatitis C.

Hairstyling Gear 

Your hairbrush contains a lot of bacteria, dead skin, hairs, etc., which can damage your scalp and hair.

Your curling irons and hair straighteners can get sticky if you use too much hairspray while using them. This will make them less effective and you’ll need to apply more pressure to get the desired results.


More pressure will damage your hair and it’ll start to look dull and lifeless.

If you don’t clean your blow dryer often, for which you don’t need professional cleaning equipment,risk reducing its lifespan by 80 percent–dust accumulated on the filter will cause it to work less effectively and might ultimately ruin the device.

Reusable Razors

If you don’t keep your razors in a sanitary condition, again bacteria is what you should fear most.

But it’s not all – the blade of a dirty razor is filled with hairs and soap and if you try to use it, you’ll have to apply a lot of pressure on your skin which may irritate it and you might even cut yourself in the process.


To sum up, ladies, remember to clean your beauty gadgets on a regular basis.

No one wants to put bacteria and dust on their face, or make their hair look awful, right?

But if you don’t clean your beauty products regularly, that’s exactly what would happen every time you use your beauty gadgets.

Sanitizing your arsenal isn’t time-consuming, it can be done with domestic detergents and yet it will completely change the way you look. If you want to be pretty – keep your beauty stuff clean. 

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