Hair removal
Last updated on February 1, 2023
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Removing all of that unwanted body hair is pretty important, but the cost of going to a salon can be extremely off-putting for anyone on a budget.

If you’re sick of your leg hair, armpit hair or unruly bikini line, you’re probably wondering how you can get salon-quality hair removal in the privacy of your own home.

Here, we look at some of the best at home hair removal methods that’ll save you embarrassment and money.

Using A Razor

It might be the oldest method in the book, but it’s also one of the cheapest and most effective.

The key lies in buying a good quality razor, using a good quality shaving gel or foam and in using the right technique.

You should always make sure that you shave in the shower. This is because the warm water and steamy environment opens your pores, making it easier to remove the hairs.

 Apply a generous layer of shaving foam or gel on the body part to be shaved.

When choosing a razor, make sure to avoid one of the cheap, nasty 2 blade types that you can buy cheaply in stores. These won’t produce good quality results and are more likely to cause nicks in your skin which will be unsightly and painful.

Choose a good quality razor with four or more blades – remember, the more blades the better. Shave carefully in the direction of hair growth - if you shave against the direction in which the hairs grow you’ll find that you’re more at risk of developing ingrowing hairs which are painful and unattractive.

Epilation – A Longer Lasting Choice

One of the problems with shaving is that the results don’t last very long.

 In fact, if you have fast-growing hair you’ll have to shave every single day. That can be a real pain, especially during the summer months or if you go swimming a lot and need silky smooth skin.

Epilation represents a longer lasting choice. Although some people think that epilation is going to be painful, the latest epilators on the market are very speedy and produce almost painless results.

If you visit this page, you’ll find reviews for some of the most effective epilators available for sale today.

At-Home Waxing

If you think of waxing as something you can only have done at great expense in a salon, think again.

These days, there are some great at-home waxing kits. While you can buy traditional hot wax kits for use in your own bathroom, you might find cold wax strips a lot easier to use.

All you need to do is peel the adhesive strip from the wax strip, apply to the area that you want to remove hair from, press down firmly to make sure that all the hair has been trapped on the wax and then pull away quickly, smoothly and firmly to remove all the hair.

While it isn’t exactly a painless method, if you’re quick and efficient, you shouldn’t feel excessive pain. As an added advantage, the results are very long lasting and you may be able to wait several weeks before needing to wax again.

This makes waxing one of the best options before going away on vacation.

Hair Removal Creams

One of the most efficient and painless methods for hair removal at home is to apply a hair removal cream or gel.

There are many different brands out there, but they all work in pretty much the same way. Basically, they dissolve the hair at the root so that it falls out quickly leaving you with wonderfully smooth, hair-free skin.

Because the hair is being removed from the root, the results are quite long lasting which is useful if you’re going away on vacation.

Many hair removal creams even have a pleasant smell these days, which is a great improvement on the old-school ones which had a very pungent odour. There are also options available for anyone who has sensitive skin, so you’re sure to find a brand to suit your needs.


These are the top hair removal methods for at-home use. If you’re on a budget or are simply too embarrassed to go to a salon, you’re sure to find that one of these options works for you.

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