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Best korean toners
Last updated on March 14, 2022
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Korean toners

In the West, most toners contain different types of alcohol, primarily an attempt at getting rid of dirt, grime, and oil.

These toners tend to leave the skin feeling tight and dry, often irritating the sensitive pores on our face.

Western toners are usually used as the last step in a cleanse routine.

However, Korean skin toners are the opposite.

Instead of leaving your face dry, and uncomfortable, they prep your skin with important oils and tonics that will help your skin absorb moisturizers, and enhance hydration.

Typically, these toners prepare your face for the next step of the routine by removing any dead skin and hydrating the pores.

Hence, Korean toners tend to be in the middle of the regimen as opposed to the end.

You may not have heard of this subtle difference before, but now that you do, here’s a list of some of the best Korean toners that you can try and test before you give your face the pampering and care it deserves.

Top 10 Best Korean Toner Reviews

1. Klairs  Supple Preparation Facial Toner


If you’re looking for something for sensitive skin and something that won’t dry out your skin, then this is the toner for you.

Klairs Korean skin toner hydrates, soothes, and calms sensitive skin that has been rubbed and washed post-cleansing.

The formula is non-irritating, super hydrating, and contains ingredients that help balance the pH of your skin. It also has hyaluronic acid which keeps skin plump and hydrated for long time.

The toner itself is derived from plant based ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any harsh, fake, chemicals. It is thicker than water but doesn’t feel sticky to use and apply. See the product video below.


  • Balance pH level with enhanced hydration
  • Calming, Non-irritating formula with hyaluronic acid
  • Faster absorption
  • Suitable for sensitive, dry, and oily skin


  • Smell’s nice but can vary depending on essential oil characteristics
  • Can cause rashes in acne prone and some sensitive skin types, apply in small area and test if any reaction occurs before applying on whole face

2. MISSHA Time Revolution Clear Toner

Missha time revolution clear toner

MISSHA Time Revolution Clear toner is quite unique in that it contains fermented yeast in its formula (80%).

This Missha toner is essentially a skin friendly substance that is very similar to what chemists and dermatologists call NMF or, natural moisturizing factor.

These things help to exfoliate the skin and clear out pores to bring out a more bright and glowing complexion. It also increases surface hydration and moisturizes the skin.

This fantastic toner also has an abundance of chemicals called alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which basically kill off dead skin cells, brighten your skin, and help alleviate acne marks/wrinkles over time.

The Missha toner has a rich formula has a low viscosity which help it absorb faster into the skin.


  • Similar to NMF, uses fermented yeast formula
  • Good toner that clears out pores, reduces redness
  • Product is easily absorbed into skin, also brightens skin.
  • Suited for dry, oily and sensitive skin types


  • Expensive
  • Can cause breakouts for acne prone users

3. Etude House Toner

Etude House toner

Etude House is one of Korea’s most popular beauty and skin care brands. So you can trust the claims this toner makes.

 A unique ingredient in this product is actually peppermint extract which helps clean the pores from deep within and at surface level too.

The Etude House toner balances pH levels and controls sebum or oil levels on the skin.

These in turn, give a natural glow to the skin whilst promoting elasticity and hydration.

A major benefit here is that the formula is free of fragrance, artificial colors, talc, animal sourced ingredients, and silicone's.


  • Uses harmless ingredients, peppermint extract based product
  • Clears out and tightens pores
  • Balances skin pH levels and improves elasticity
  • Good for oily and dry skin types


  • Not suited for sensitive skin
  • Not hydrating enough for some users

4. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Toner

Innisfree Greentea

Innisfree, like Etude House is a major player in the Korean beauty and skincare sector.

This mega-brand boasts some of the best skin care on the market today.

As suggestive by the bright green packaging, this toner is sourced from eco-friendly Jeju island fresh green tea leaves and seeds.

 These are both high in amino acids and minerals that help moisturize and hydrate the skin.

This toner gets as close to water as is possible, it applies smoothly and absorbs quickly, leaving no grease or stickiness behind. This makes it great for oily/combination skin as it won’t feel too greasy or dry.

Not included in the formula? Why, those pesky paragons, colorants, mineral oils, and animal ingredients, of course!


  • Sourced from fresh green tea leaves and seeds harvested on Jeju Island
  • Highly hydrating, not greasy at all to apply and use
  • Great for dry/combination skin


  • Scent can be overwhelming for some users
  • Test on small area for any redness before use

5. AHC Hyaluronic Toner


Something that is sweeping skin care regimens by storm is Hyaluronic Acid. This toner from AHC, has plenty of this magical ingredient. AHC is another popular Korean beauty brand that has quality products.

Sourced from ginseng root, coconuts, lavender, and other plants, this toner provides a burst of moisture and glow to the skin.

The acid brings a soft, dewy glow back to the skin whilst the natural ingredients provide moisture to dry, oily, and sensitive skin combined.

It helps keep moisture in by rebuilding the moisture barrier. If you have dry patches on your skin in particular, this will be great for you.


  • All natural ingredients, contains hyaluronic acid
  • Great hydration for dry patchy skin,
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Contains synthetic fragrance

6. Skin Food Premium Avocado Rich Toner


Although Avocados are the talk of the town these days when it comes to healthy foods, skin care is on the same page when it comes to this fantastic ingredient.

This product contains 10% avocado extracts, avocado oil, and ceramide. Making it rich and dense in moisturizing factors and nutrients that hydrate the skin.

 Avocado oil is great for acne, treating blackheads, eczema, and major forms of skin inflammation. Your skin will be left feeling supple, soft, and impurity free.


  • Rich in Avocado oil, highly hydrating toner
  • Helps with acne and blackheads
  • Leaves skin soft and supple
  • Suited for dry sensitive and oily skin


  • Slightly sticky to use

7. Benton Snail Bee Toner


This is perfect for your skin if you suffer from redness, or hormonal acne prone skin. From the name, you guessed it, the toner contains snail mucin.

This stuff is essentially the secretion of snails. Snail mucus filtrate is a fantastic ingredient when it comes to healing the skin.

It has a mixture of powerful acids, proteins, and antioxidants that help increase new skin cell generation, and hence, helps erase acne scars over time.

The next major ingredient is bee venom, also known as, natural botox. This venom tricks your skin into thinking it has been stung and hence, boosts collagen production and blood circulation to the skin, making for a brighter complexion.

The toner is very light so if you have oily or combination skin, it’s perfect for you. If you have dry skin, you may require a few pumps of this product. It does however absorb very quickly into the skin and has no scent to it.


  • Contains snail mucus to help heal skin
  • Contains bee venom to increase cell regeneration and mimic Botox
  • Great for healing scars and redness
  • Good for combination/oily skin/dry skin.


  • Not suited for those with bee allergy
  • Can cause breakouts for some users

8. Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisture Toner

Face shop toner

The Face shop toner helps skin become more radiant, moisturized and balanced.

 Ingredients wise, this is primarily sourced from rice extract and rice bran oil as well as ceramide, which helps to maintain the water permeability barrier function of the skin.

 If you have dry skin, and don’t mind alcohol in your toner as well as other preservatives and parabens, then go for it.

Sensitive skins/oily skins may want to be weary of this product. Face shop toner smells nice and strong though may not be liked by all.


  • Sourced from rice to give high levels of hydration to skin
  • Doesn’t dry out skin
  • Smoother radiant skin
  • Good for dry combination skin types


  • Thicker consistency makes it difficult to apply
  • Strong fragrant smell

9. Mizon Intensive Skin Barrier Toner

Mizon toner

Although relatively unknown, Mizon has been throwing down some great products in their skin care range lately. The Mizon toner toner is no exception.

 Without drying the skin, this toner retains, conditions, cleans and hydrates the skin upon application.

 Mizon toner contains both hyaluronic acid as well as ceramide, both great moisturizing factors. With a mild formula and gentle texture, it’s perfect for sensitive skin.


  • Highly moisturizing, Contains ceramide and hyaluronic acid
  • Light and easy to use, does not dry the skin out
  • Mild formula good for sensitive skin


  • Some may not like the gel like consistency
  • Consumes more due to its thicker texture

10. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner

Etude House Moistful

Last but not least, Etude House again, offers a great toner with even greater ingredients.

Not only does it supply the skin and pores with collagen boosting radicals and moisture enhancing products, it removes excessive build up and cleans the pores.

Unlike most water based toners, this gel-like product brings a healthy, youthful glow back to the skin. Sourced from Baobab Tree and other Collagen contents it allows for noticeably tightened pores on the face.


  • Removes pore blockages, boosts collagen production
  • Gel-like texture so great for dry, sensitive and combination skin
  • Contains Baobab tree oil and collagen


  • Contains alcohol
  • Can cause breakouts for acne prone skin

Our Choice

Whatever you decide, there’s something for everybody when it comes to Korean skincare, and toners especially.

The Klairs facial toner is our choice for the best Korean toner in this list.

So now you have no excuse, get out there and give you skin the tender love and care it has been craving!

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