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  • 7 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Makeup Looks To Try In Fall 2021
Thanksgiving makeup looks
Last updated on November 25, 2021
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It’s that time of year again where everyone is obsessed with pumpkin spice, candles, autumnal hues, and getting that perfect Instagram shot in a forest full of changing colors. 

Cue Thanksgiving: a feast for the senses!


Apart from family dinners and your mom’s infamous pies, it’s a time that encapsulates all that we love about Fall.

So this Thanksgiving, why not incorporate the warm, watercolor shades of autumn and your love of all things warm and cozy, into your makeup? 

Here are 7 different Thanksgiving makeup looks you can bring to the table this Thanksgiving weekend:

Top 7 Thanksgiving Eye Makeup Looks 

1. Your Favourite Fall Shades:

Let’s face it, if you’re going to use one palette this season, make sure it’s the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. 

This is the perfect Fall palette and you’ll see why once you take a peek at the lineup of shades it has to offer. 

The online beauty community is all about its extremely pigmented, soft, and blendable array of auburns, oranges, browns, and siennas.

With a mix of matte, satin, and metallic finishes, you’re going to be spoiled for choices when it comes to working with this magnificent piece of art.

(Image Courtesy for all three above images: @glamorous_reflections on Instagram)

2. Go Bold Or Go Home:

Don’t be afraid of darker, bolder shades this Thanksgiving. You don’t have to retire those Halloween vampy lips just yet, Fall is all about bringing those warmer, deeper color’s back. 

This Thanksgiving, you could even opt for a plum, black, brown, or even navy lip.

Paired with a subtle smoky eye or simple winged liner, your lips will be the focus of all your Thanksgiving events.

(Image courtesy: @bodmonzaid on Instagram)

3. Classic Bold Red Lip:

In the words of Taylor Swift-sort of, red never goes out of style. Classic, simple, elegant, bold. You can’t go wrong with this OG beauty trend. 

If you’re not one to experiment much when it comes to eye makeup, then this is your go-to-gal!

A basic red lip can transcend your Thanksgiving makeup looks with minimal effort.

There is also very little room for error, so whether you’re a makeup newbie or just love keeping it simple, why not try a red lip this year?

(Image courtesy: @ nyxcosmetics and @ chrisspy on Instagram)

(Source of image above: @ desiperkins on Instagram)

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4. Sparkle And Shine: 

 Repeat after me: A little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone.

 Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is just setting the scene for what’s to come this December, so why not treat yourself a little early this year and amp up your look with a little sparkle

(Image courtesy: @katy on instagram)

You might be intimidated by glitter on the eyes, especially because it can get a little messy and it’s very easy to go overboard.

You don’t need to be a pro makeup artist to master glitter though, so don’t let the fear of fallout keep you from trying something new. 

The tip with these types of looks is to apply your eye makeup and glitter first, before doing your base or foundation.

The reason for this is that a lot of glitters do indeed have varying degrees of fallout and it’s much easier to clean said fallout before applying foundation, than it is after. 

If you’re thinking of using loose glitter, make sure you purchase some glitter glue to aid in the adherence of the glitter, or even just use some eyelash glue. It works just the same. 

For those of you that are a still worried that loose glitter isn’t worth the hassle, you can opt for a more lenient application product like a glitter liner or liquid glitter eye shadows. Check out below video.

5. Colour Me Purple: 

Yes, Thanksgiving is picturesque and full of warm shades of red and orange. 

Yes, purple is a cool toned summer shade. But a little deviance is fun, right? 

Sometimes standing out from the crowd is far more important than blending in, and during Thanksgiving you can bet your socks that the majority of people will be wearing the classic reds, browns, and golds

 So why not make this Thanksgiving super memorable by going all out with a bright purple lip?

 (Image courtesy: @irenesarah on Instagram)

6. Play With Wings:

We all know how to rock a basic winged liner, but what about playing with that concept and opting for something a little more creative?

The Instagram beauty community is constantly pushing boundaries and trying different and unique looks. The latest of these trials seems to be the glitter or double liner.

 (Image courtesy: @nyxcosmetics and @mmtmakeup_ on Instagram)

Again, these definitely look intimidating but double wings can be incorporated into any of your looks.

Try it out with a base eye shadow look that you’re familiar with and comfortable doing, then, whether you want a half wing or full double wing, you can take your time and go from there.

 Breaking these kinds of looks down can really help to make them more achievable.

7. Green With Envy

There’s something so regal and elegant about a deep green shade.

Another way to stand out this Thanksgiving is by draping your eyes with beautiful, emerald gems. This Thanksgiving eye makeup look is absolutely mesmerizing to be ignored!

(Source of image above: @tinakpromua and @nyxcosmetics on Instagram)

(Image courtesy: @mmtmakeup_ on instagram)

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas: Which is the Best one for me? 

At the end of the day, whether you’re more of a risk taker, a seasoned professional, or a newbie, there’s something for everyone when it comes to choosing your Thanksgiving makeup looks. 

This Thanksgiving, give yourself the opportunity to try something new, whatever you’re comfortable doing and whatever you’ll have the most fun with. 

After all, ’tis the holiday season to share, so why not share your creativity and love of makeup with everyone this year?

Have at it, and here’s to a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


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