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We don't all age the same way.

We all know people who are in their 50s who still appear to be in their 30s, and people in their 30s who appear to be a lot older.

The difference between the two is often - but not always - down to the way they look after their bodies and their skin.

Genetics plays a role, but aging is just as much an environmental process as it is anything to do with time.

Nobody can fight against time forever, but most of us can do a pretty good job at battling against the worst effects of it for most of our lifespan.

One of the key reasons that many of us age faster than we'd like to is that we don't start doing anything about the signs of age until they're obvious and visible.

We miss the smaller 'tell-tale' signs of aging, and we don't start reacting until permanent symptoms appear.

You can still do one or two things about aging even when it gets to that stage, but you'd have a better chance of maintaining a youthful appearance if you picked up on the smaller signs and started acting on them as soon as they appeared.

We'll take a look at those little signs here in this article, and also share our wisdom on how to push back against them.

Before we go any further, we want to make it clear that we're not offering miracle cures on this website!

No two people have identical skin, and some treatments work better on some people than others.

When it comes to beauty routines, we're often reminded of the popular online slots game 'Fortune Beauty.'

The money you spend on that online slots game might result in a 'beautiful' outcome (that being the name of the game, after all), but it might just as easily go nowhere.

Some people hit the jackpot almost as soon as they start playing online slots like 9 Pots of Gold slot, whereas others can spend hours spinning the reels and get nothing at all.

These beauty tips, like an online slots wager, will work if you're lucky - and you have nothing to lose by giving them a try!

Crow’s Feet

The areas around your eyes will be the first to develop wrinkles, and when wrinkles appear in this position on our faces, we call them "crow's feet."

There's a wealth of advice on the internet already about how to deal with crow’s feet, and most of the time, the treatments involve specialist creams that are tailored for being applied to the skin in close proximity to the eyes, especially antioxidants.

While it's true to exposure to free radicals can cause damage to your skin, the chief cause of crow's feet is actually squinting. That's not great news, because all of us squint a lot when we're looking at computer screens.

To slow down the appearance of crow's feet, the most effective tool at your disposal is to stop squinting.

That means wearing sunglasses every time you go outside into the sunshine, and glasses at work to prevent your eyes from becoming tired. That, in turn, should reduce squinting.

Sun Spots

Unless you've spent the majority of your life indoors, you'll start noticing sunspots on your skin in your mid to late twenties.

Their name is a little misleading; although they can definitely be caused by exposure to the sun, any kind of exposure to UV light can have the same effect.

Every visit you've ever made to a sunbed or sun shower has exposed you to UV light in its most concentrated form, so it's no wonder that sunspots appear later on.

Retinol is the most effective treatment for them once they appear, but we're more interested in prevention than cure in this article.

As a preventative, use sunscreen even on mild days. Nothing ages your skin like the sun, but at the same time, nothing slows down the aging process like limiting your exposure to it.

A good sunscreen will block out UVA and UVB while still allowing you to catch a tan.


Stay hydrated. It's as simple as that.

Dry skin looks twice as old as moist skin, and yet it's the most straightforward skin problem to solve.

Our skin naturally dries out as we get older, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with it. Almost everything we do dries are skin out including, somewhat strangely, washing our faces.

During hot weather, you might have a desk fan to keep you cool, and that fan is drying your face out every second that it's switched on. Not only will drinking plenty of water help, but giving your skin a helping hand with moisturizer every day is a necessity.

Gel masks will also help immeasurably in this respect. You might be surprised by how much younger you look when the outer layer of skin on your face isn't totally parched.

Loss Of Glow

When we talk about people having a ‘youthful glow,’ we’re being literal rather than metaphorical.

Comparatively speaking, the skin of young people glows in a way that it decidedly doesn’t with older people.

The scientific reason for this is that our cells aren’t replaced as rapidly as we age, meaning that the skin on your face is older and deader than it was when we were in our late teens and early twenties.

Sorry about that. Skin becomes dull, dry, and in extreme circumstances, bumpy and flaky.

Exfoliation is the answer to all of these problems. If your body is being remiss about removing that top layer of skin, step in and take the matter out of its hands!

Any treatment that involved glycolic acid will take care of the problem, and might even encourage your body to start turning over cells a little faster at the same time.

Microdermabrasion treatments from a qualified beautician might reach the depths that your exfoliation routine can’t touch if you’re still having problems after working on the problem yourself.

While there are several more obvious signs of aging, they're the ones you know about already.

You know what to do about greying hair, and you know what to do about loose skin around the cheeks and jaw.

Those are the signs that everyone can see, and everyone can deal with without us going into further detail about it right now. The ones we've listed here are easier to miss.

Not only do you know about them now, but you also know what to do about them - so go and stock up on sunglasses and sunscreen!

Laura Jones

Laura Jones is our chief editor and driving force behind this blog. She also works as a beauty consultant specializing in research and development of innovative and new age beauty products.She believes that sharing knowledge is the best way to improve the quality of life.

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