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Curly bouncy hair
Last updated on April 12, 2022
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Women with curly hair rely on products to ensure a good hair day much more than women with straight hair, according to research.

You love your bouncy, Botticelli curls – but they can also be stressful to maintain.

Even though people with straight hair need hot rollers to get gorgeous curls and tell you how lucky you are, naturally curly hair has its challenges.

However, you can keep it beautiful and sleek by caring for it correctly. And no, it’s not just about having the right products.

 In fact, the fewer products you use, the better!

Having curly hair means that you should follow different rules from what the straight-haired women are swearing by.

For starters, you don’t have to wash your hair daily. Curly hair tends to become dry, so you don’t want to further dry it out by washing it too much.

Stick to washing curly hair once or twice a week at the most, and make sure you concentrate on washing your scalp during these sessions.

This eliminates product build-up from all your trusted serums and sprays which can cause curly hair to go limp. 

Here are other ways to look after your curls. 

Avoid anti-curl ingredients

Ever used a hair product only to find that your hair was dry or your curls went a bit flat or frizzy?

You should avoid any haircare products that contain alcohol!

This ingredient dries out the hair and can make your beautiful curls look clumpy.

The best hair care products to use are those that focus on hydrating your hair.

These are the most nourishing for your beautiful curls, and especially important in your conditioner.

How do you spot hydration in a product’s ingredients list?

Look for Shea butter, Argan oil, or Panthenol (which is Vitamin B5).

Treat it kindly 

The best thing you can do to keep your hair looking gorgeous is to treat it gently!

If you’re rubbing your hair dry with a towel after washing it, you’re making your hair frizz.

It’s better to switch your towel for an old T-shirt. Since it’s softer, it’s gentler to your hair and won’t rough up your cuticle.

If you want more volume, flip your head over and use the T-shirt to scrunch up your curls. This also helps to make your curls more distinct.

Sometimes, the best treatment for your hair is to air-dry it and enjoy your naturally gorgeous hair! While it’s drying, scrunch it up with your hands and then leave it.

Avoid tying it up while it dries as that can cause kinks in your hair or make your curls flat.

Style it right 

How you brush your hair makes all the difference.

Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush as that will just make your hair frizzy, causing you to use more products on your hair which you don’t really need.

 It might sound strange, but you should comb your hair from the bottom to the top, so that you can detangle knots much easier than if you start from the top.

Combing your hair from the top down will cause you to end up with a lot of knots at the bottom which are difficult to comb through.

When you style your hair, make sure it’s wet as trying to manipulate curly hair when it’s dry will be much more difficult.

It’s also good to avoid using too many heated styling tools on your hair.

Not only does heat dry out hair, but it can cause it to look lifeless. If you find that your curls aren’t looking spiral and stunning like they used to, give yourself a break from using heated styling tools.

During this time, focus on re-hydrating your hair. A good idea is to use a hydrating hair mask to create softer, smoother hair.

Invest in a Diffuser

If you don’t use a diffuser – the attachment that goes on the front of your hairdryer – you’re missing out!

Diffusers prevent frizz because they distribute the hot air over your hair instead of focusing it on one place.

If you don’t have a hairdryer that came with its own diffuser, you can buy one. Just make sure it’s the right diameter to fit on your hairdryer.

Using a hair diffuser is kinder to curly hair than other heating tools because it uses less heat. It’s also a great way to display your natural gorgeous curls.

When diffusing hair, you should set your hairdryer on a low speed. This will prevent frizz, so it’s worth it even though it takes a bit longer to dry your hair.

Hold the diffuser to your roots until they are dry. Do the same thing with the rest of your hair.

If you want the ends of your hair to curl more, place them into the diffuser and hold the dryer up towards your scalp. This will make your hair create more curls.

It’s important to use the diffuser evenly all over your hair until it’s perfectly dry, otherwise, your curls won’t look even or maintain their shape for long.

Avoid “Triangle hair”

If you’ve got curly hair, you’ll know what Triangle hair is even if you don’t know the term.

Basically, Triangle Hair is uneven and shaped like a triangle – it’s limp at the top but then thicker at the bottom.

This is a common problem for curly-haired women, but you can nip it in the bud by getting your hair trimmed regularly as well as using mousse to even out your hair’s volume.

Before you style your hair with a diffuser, add a small quantity of mousse to your hair, then make sure you scrunch up your hair from the bottom up. This creates beautiful curls from top to bottom.

Having curly hair doesn’t have to be stressful or cause you invest in lots of products or styling tools.

With some simple haircare tips, you can achieve gorgeous, healthy curly hair.

Here’s to a good hair day every day!

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