Clay for healthy hair
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Beauty experts have encouraged clay use on the skin for decades, but the surprise is that clay is also great for the hair.

Many different types of clay are used for hair, and have been used around the world for generations.

Allure Magazine attests that clay is the secret to sleek, bouncy, lively hair. It locks onto the hair strand and provides boundless benefits that are only recently being revealed.

Luckily, companies are beginning to infuse clay into a range of hair care products, creating easy-to-use items that require little change to an existing hair care routine.

This means that more people can cash in on the wonderful advantages clay provides to scalp and hair strands.

The Intriguing History of Clay in Beauty

Minerals are our life source, and the reason we have survived for so long. They are necessary for every process in our body both inside and out, including helping our body systems operate and our outer appearance shine.

Clay has been used by humans since the days of Homo erectus for beauty, according to Spanish researchers, who found evidence of clay use the world over.

The clay, when mixed with water, cleansed the skin and helped soothe wounds. Humans continued to use clay throughout history, including in Rome, where beauty was held in high regard.

In fact, Aristotle referenced the use of clay for various purposes, and Marco Polo noted the use of pink clay among Muslim pilgrims. Historic use of clay proves that humans have always known the essential benefits of this plentiful resource.

Today, many societies the world over use clay for its healing properties, especially on the skin. Dr. West A. Price describes native cultural use of clay in both the Americas, Australia and Africa as beauty products.

What is It, Really?

There are a number of different clays around the world. They are soft, and the creation of volcanic ash, weathered over decades.

Depending on the area, clay will differ in its structure. This creates a range of clay types suitable for different beauty needs, including hair products.

It is a consistent ingredient in spas, where it is mixed with water, sea salt, or mineral waters to create an enhancing skin mask or hair therapy.

A favored type of clay for beauty treatments is bentonite clay, founded near Rock River, Wyoming, though it is not the only type used for hair care (see below).


Bentonite Clay

This clay develops in water, giving it strength in negative electromagnetic charges. When mixed with water, this clay naturally draws toxins and metals from the hair strand.

Amazingly, bentonite will draw in 50 times its own weight. This creates a powerful clay that brings a superior clean to each hair strand.

Understanding Why Clay Works

The reason why clay works so well for the hair is due to the tiny, absorbent particles in its makeup.

These particles are able to absorb significant amounts, trading extra moisture for minerals that enhance the hair strand.

Clay also works well in healing scalp issues. The scalp produces the same sebum as the skin, causing oily-looking roots.

Many people simply wash away these oils in the daily routine, but continuous washing causes dry hair strands.

Clay steps in to help break this cycle. As Ni’Kita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist, mentions, clay cleans away oil while drying up minerals from shower water without harming the hair.

The substance also spreads conditioning minerals into the hair, providing more overall body. Simply wash, dry, then continue with normal styling routines, such as hair straightening styles or curling.

​​​Clay is Making the Rounds

Clay for taking care of hair isn't too difficult to get hold of. Many brands are beginning to incorporate clay into hair products, and in different ways.

Products that currently include clay are shampoos, hair masks, conditioners, and dry shampoos, with more products in development. The substance is also useful as a treatment, especially on oily scalps.

Simply use a clay-based scalp treatment before a shower as directed, and enjoy results almost immediately.

Some types of clay used for the hair other than Bentonite include: Rhassoul, Kaolin, Multani mitti, Fuller’s earth, and Montmorillonite.

Knowing When to Use What

Skin type is a factor in choosing what type of clay to use for the hair. Oily skin means the scalp is also oily.

Fuller’s earth clay works well to take away the oils without overdrying. However, mixing it with some kaolin will help those with sensitive skin, who may need extra protection against dryness.

Those with normal to dry skin often use bentonite or montmorillonite clay, followed with Rhassoul clay.


Rhassoul Clay

Some products will mix these clays in a hair treatment routine, such as in shampoo and conditioner systems.

Research hair products, from shampoos to masks, to find the best system according to skin type and hair needs.

The Gritty Earth Without Its Grit

Clay is gritty on its own, but when mixed with hair care products from reputable brands, the grit disappears.

Consider a clay mask and how smooth it feels on the skin. This is how a clay hair treatment feels. Additionally, the experts creating these products understand that today’s everyday person doesn’t want to devote a lot of time to daily hair care.

Products that include clay are as easy to use as existing hair care products already on the market. They go into the hair easily, and rinse away completely, leaving behind nothing but healthy hair.

Clay has been on the beauty scene for a long time, but it is finally making its mark in hair care. Generations of societies have known the powerful beauty benefits of many types of clay.

As it possesses so many positive qualities, it is a relief that it has finally been incorporated into more beauty products.

The effects are immediate, and the results are gorgeous. Finding the right clay combination may take some effort, but it’s worth it for long-term hair improvement.

Laura Jones

Laura Jones is our chief editor and driving force behind this blog. She also works as a beauty consultant specializing in research and development of innovative and new age beauty products.She believes that sharing knowledge is the best way to improve the quality of life.

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