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Last updated on July 20, 2022
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Let’s face it, Instagram has proven time and time again, that sometimes the most bizarre and straight up confusing beauty hacks, sometimes actually are worth the hassle.

We’ve all seen our fair share of makeup tutorials that incorporate kitchen utensils into the method, as well as question the need for girls to cover their faces in less than desirable sticky concoctions.

Last year we have seen some of the most interesting and to be honest, pretty darn cool Instagram beauty tricks and we have curated the perfect list for you to DIY and test it up at the comfort of your own home this year.

6 Best Instagram Beauty Hacks In 2021

1. The Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Skincare has become one the biggest trends in recent times. The huge 10-Step Korean skincare regimen has taken the world by storm and major retailers/big companies are taking note.

Brands have incorporated activated charcoal into face masks, creams, teeth whitening serums, the list is endless.

Charcoal has the ability to pull out impurities from the skin, pair it with a strong skin safe adhesive, you’ve got yourself the perfect pore de-clogging tool!

You don’t have to rake out the big notes for this product though, amazon has an array of masks to choose from.

2. The Infamous Cut Crease

You don’t have to feel intimidated by this guy. The cut crease is a cult favorite and has made a major comeback last year and will be even hotter this year, from Runways, to Movies, to every other beauty Instagrammer out there.

The variations on the cut crease are endless! You can still attempt one even if you consider yourself a newbie on the makeup scene. It all comes down to technique and practice.

The term itself describes the method of applying concealer onto ones eyelid in an attempt to create a sharp line along the crease of the eye. This makes for a cleaner, sharp enough to cut, eye look.

If you want to try Instagram’s very own twist on this already famous Instagram makeup look, try using a spoon. That’s right, a spoon.

3. Farsali

If you’ve never heard of Farah Dhukai, then you’ve probably been living under a rock because she is Instagram’s original DIY beauty hack queen. 

With more than 5.7 million Instagram followers, this beauty influencer really has a knack for creating mind boggling beauty tips and tricks that actually work.

Recently teamed up with her husband and created the Farsali brand - a name derived from a mix between Farah, and Sal Ali. Their blend of essential oils has taken Instagram makeup by storm.

The rose gold elixir and unicorn essence are not only stunning products that have people raving about their ‘Instagramable’ nature, but they work!

They give your face a nice, healthy, glow and can be used as moisturizers as well as makeup primers.

4. Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is a force to be reckoned with. She has built a multi-million dollar beauty empire from the comfort of her own home. Within the last year alone, she and her company have released new makeup palettes, foundations, liquid lipsticks, and highlighter palettes.

Huda Beauty is one of Instagram’s most famous, often being the first to showcase up and coming beauty trends in the market.


One of the newest additions to her collection, the second ever eyeshadow palette, The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, has consumers raving. The company ships internationally, making it a favorite for beauty lovers all over the world!

In the words of Huda herself:

huda kattan

Huda Kattan

Our second palette is filled with vibrant, highly-pigmented shades that reflect the exotic landscape of the Arabian Desert around us. We’ve introduced three new formulas to reflect all its dazzling mystery and charm, in particular the iridescent duo-chrome formulas just completely capture the mysterious desert mirages.

I spent so much time to ensure that every shade was absolutely perfect, and every color is so special to me. It was also really important to me that we take all our knowledge and feedback from our first palette, and create something that would showcase our growing experience and knowledge

5.Rubbing Alcohol

This one seems like it would be common sense, but so many of us missed it.

Picture this, you’re getting ready, putting on your makeup, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, your eyeshadow palette or favorite highlighter falls out of your hands, onto the floor, and shatters completely, right before your crying eyes.

We’ve all been there and we’ve all said farewell to our expensive pots of glitter and shine. Fear not! Instagram has not been hush-hush when it comes to this issue.

Beauty bloggers have found that adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol will completely mend your shattered makeup.

6. Silicone Blenders

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the least foreseen trend for this year. The silicone blenders that have taken the internet by storm.


Most of us are used to using makeup brushes or sponges to blend out our foundation, but this new silicone blender claims to absorb zero product, leave your skin looking smooth and airbrushed, as well as cutting costs as this blender is washable, stainless, hypoallergenic, and lasts longer than regular foam sponges.

You can find these blenders on Amazon for as low as a dollar. It really can’t get much better than that.

Now Its Your Turn

This year will also be just like any other in the Instagram beauty scene. We will be trying and testing the craziest things you can think of, all for the sake of better looking, prettier skin. 

Life is about trial and error, makeup is about having fun and exploring what looks good on you.

This year will be about experimenting with different things and understanding what could be done a little differently. We’ve gotten to explore some truly stunning new products as well as encounter some less than perfect brands too last year.

This year will also usher in a new hoard of Instagrammers vying to try and test new, unseen tricks and products.

Will it be entertaining? As always, yes.

And that’s partly why we’re always keen to join the ride and see where it takes us! 

Image Source: Instagram

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