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  • 7 Best Summer Makeup Looks And Trends To Look Cool In 2022
summer makeup looks
Last updated on April 11, 2022
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Summer sunshine has infiltrated the beauty space and makeup brands are jumping the bandwagon when it comes to these summer makeup trends.

From glowy, dewy, sun kissed skin, to gold beams of highlight and lip gloss,

Summer 2019 is all about the sparkle, shine, and glow.

Winter often strips your skin of its radiance. Harsh temperatures can leave your skin feeling dull, dry, and damaged.

Summer is a time of renewal and rejuvenation! A time to let your skin drink up the moisture and sun.

These summer beauty trends are a sure fire way to make sure you are treating your skin right and letting your inner radiance shine through your makeup.

Here are our best summer makeup looks and tips you can try.


SPF is something that a lot of people take for granted. Especially if you are of a darker skin tone.

Some people falsely believe that if they have a higher level of melanin in their skin tone, they are less likely to need SPF. The truth is, all skin tones are susceptible to sun damage.

Sun damage, is what you want to stay clear of. Even five minutes of unprotected sun exposure can cause significant long term damage. Early signs of aging, sun spots, wrinkles, rashes, and a heightened risk for skin cancer.

These are risks no one should be willing to take when it comes to their skin. Facial creams with SPF are now making major waves.

This summer is huge on facial SPF creams that work to protect your skin from sun damage, but also work to moisturize and re-hydrate your skin.

These creams also work as excellent primers for under your foundation. Look for non-greasy, non-comedogenic options that cater specifically for your face.

Using SPF based beauty products is one of the top summer makeup tips you should always follow. Below sunscreens are quite popular.

Olay Sunscreen

Olay Sunscreen

Elta MD Sunscreen

Elta MD Suncreen

Body Highlighter

As of recent, beauty brands are bringing out what they are dubbing as “body highlighter”.

Think of liquid gold, but for your entire body. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Instead of an intense, highlight, the end result is more of a dewy, glow.

Whilst different brands vary in the texture and feel, as well as finish, the highlighters give you a sun kissed tan without the time or effort.

These body highlighters can often also be used under makeup as a highlighting base that brings a natural dewy finish to the foundation once it’s applied.

Brands like Huda Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Colourpop and Loreal, are paving the way when it comes to gorgeous, naturally glowing skin and makeup.

Loreal True Match Lumi

Loreal Paris True Match Lumi

Wet Lips

All the 90’s babies will remember the craze that surrounded lip gloss that gave the lips a wet, juicy appearance.

Lançome’s juicy tubes were the talk of the town and brands high and low have given the wet lip look a comeback.

Summer is often a time of intense heat waves. It’s only human to sweat and cool your body down. Sometimes, that intense highlighter might just be your body’s natural highlighter in the form of sweat.

Dewy skin always looks good under the heat of the sun, so your lips have to follow suit! Opt for a non-sticky gloss that isn’t going to be slippery and drip onto your chin.

You can even go for a nude, or pink based shade to bring out your underlying skin tone for that really fresh faced glow.

feels like summer

Coloured Liners

Another fun throwback is colourful eye liners.

This summer, brands are not afraid to step outside the black, noir box when it comes to liners. The brighter, the better. Blues, purples, reds, oranges, you name it.

Every shade of the rainbow is now being showcased as lower lash line accessories.

What better way to ramp up your eye look this summer than to go for a bolder, brighter shade of complimentary colours instead of black?

colored liners

Colour Outside Liner Collection

Gold Eye Shadow 

Gold is the shade of Summer 2019.

When it comes to mimicking golden hour and getting just the right amount shimmer on your eyelids, a simple gold shadow will do the trick.

You can either go full out and create a beautiful golden cut crease, or opt for a more natural look by using the tips of your fingers to swipe some shimmer on your lids with no other shadow in the crease.


Try to use a wetter shadow as opposed to loose gold glitter that requires wet glue to adhere itself to your lid.

This can cause fall out to sit onto your cheeks and can look almost costume rather than natural and glowy. A pressed, baked, or semi wet shadow is the way to go to achieve this look.


Facial Mist

The sun can dry your skin out if you’re not making ample efforts to hydrate yourself!

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day when temperatures are high.

On top of that, it’s important to give your skin a spritz of moisture from time to time too. Especially, if you plan on spending a large portion your day outside.

Facial mists do just that.

A simple spray a few inches from your face will refresh your skin, hydrate your pores, and give you a rejuvenated look without wiping away your makeup.

Look for sprays that are infused with essential oils and floral essences like rose or lavender. Cucumber and coconut extracts are also excellent hydrators.

Brands like MAC and Mario Badescu are known in the industry for their refreshing facial mists and sprays.

mario badescu

Mario Badescu


Whilst blush is a year-round beauty necessity, in the summer it can be used to amplify your glow.

Your skin naturally becomes flushed when it’s warm.

Instead of modelling a sun burn this summer, why not opt for a naturally flushed look with your favourite peach toned blush.

Applying this to the apple of your cheeks, and then sweeping it across your forehead and chin will give you a sun kissed glow. Be gentle with your hand though, you don’t want to look like a clown in the heat.

Instead, after applying the blush product to your brush, make sure to tap the excess off and then gently sweep it across the aforementioned points.

For an even more natural look, try a liquid or gel blush that will gently moisturize your skin whilst giving it a fresher, more plump look.

Cloud Paint Duo

Cloud Paint Duo

Which Is The Best Summer Makeup Look For You?

Summer is all about your glow!

So don’t be afraid to let your natural radiance shine. Whether that means focusing on your skin, eyes, or lips.

Play things up and remember to take care from the inside out. The heat can do plenty of damage if you don’t take precautions.

Have some fun with these summer makeup looks and tips and see where you shine this summer!

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