back to school makeup tips
Last updated on September 17, 2022
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As much as we hate to believe it, summer is almost over.

And although that means pumpkin spice season is almost upon us, it also means school is just around the corner.

The end of summer signals the start of back to school shopping.

But it isn’t all about books, copies, and cute stationary.

Don’t forget to prepare your school looks for this semester too.

Whether you opt for the no-makeup-makeup look, or you go all out, there’s something for everyone in this list.

1. It’s All About The Base

The secret to looking stress free, radiant, and ready to take on the world, is in your skin!


So make sure you pamper and treat your skin in the weeks leading up to the first day of class. Watch your diet and try to reduce your intake of sugar based foods as well as foods high in sodium.

Drink lots of water, the key to glowy skin is hydration! Don’t skip out on the SPF either. Summer may be coming to an end, but the sun is here to stay.

UV rays are invisible and present rain or shine. So make sure you protect yourself by always applying sunscreen and re-touching every eighty minutes.

Opt for SPF infused setting sprays, powders, foundations, and sunscreen sticks that you can use in conjunction with your makeup without ruining it. Brands like Olay, Shiseido, and Supergoop offer an array of such products.

2. The Glow Is Back


Remember when you would frantically carry around a million blotting sheets of blotting paper because you wanted your makeup to look poreless and matte?

Well those days are long gone because it’s time to embrace your inner glow!

Sweat or highlight? Who is to know?

What matters is that you are letting your skin radiate and shine. Invest in a luminated foundation or primer. Something that gives your skin back its shine.

Marc Jacobs Dew Drops, Huda Beauty’s N.Y.M.P.H., or Josie Maran’s Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer are great options.

If you want to go Au Natural, try to add a few drops of your favourite oil to the tips of your finger tips and gently tap on the highest points of your cheeks for a natural glow.

3. Work The Brows

bushy brows

Your eyebrows are what frame your face. They can completely alter any look you go for.

Whether it’s a dramatic smoked out shadow, or a natural liner, your brows will go the distance. It’s important to groom them and shape them in a way that compliments your facial structure.

So, leave that to the salon professionals. Of course, once they are shaped, maintenance is key and you can do that with the help of a good pair of tweezers.

After that, it’s important to invest in some brow gel, pomade, or brow powders. You want to be able to enhance and define your brows because you can even get away with doing absolutely no makeup but focusing on your brows alone.

 Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills are the two leaders in this department. If you have thicker, fuller brows, then take advantage!

Fluttery, bushy brows are back in style so simply use a spooly to brush your brows and apply a clear gel over to keep them in place. Have fun with different looks and play around to see what works for you.

4. Fade Out The Lips

Korean lip look

When it comes to school, sometimes it’s fun to play dress up, but on most days, you’re main focus isn’t how you look, it’s about getting your assignment done the night before and making sure your essays are handed in on time.

Makeup can often take the back seat, and that’s totally understandable. So when it comes to your lips, less is better. Instead of overlining and applying an intense lipstick, why not try something more natural.

Korean Beauty has taken the industry by storm and glass lips are a major trend this year. Picture a perfect blotted lip. Not too intense, not too invisible.

Lancome’s matte shaker lipsticks, Colourpop’s blotted lip lipsticks, Dior lip tattoo, and Benefit lip stains, are all fantastic options.

Alternatively, you can add a small dollop of your favourite liquid lipstick into some coconut oil and mix until it becomes a light tinted oil. Apply to your lips for a faded out, natural look.

5. Hair Bands Are Your Best Friend


Let’s face it, you have enough to worry about when it comes to school to be figuring out what to do with your hair too.

Instead of freaking out at 7am and looking for your flat iron or curler, let your bed to the work and embrace your natural bed head! Wearing a headband or clips can make a huge difference in your hair look.

It can take it from zero to fab without much effort. Try to look for comfortable hairbands that won’t tug or pull on your hair.

Opt for soft materials like cotton. If you want to go more glam, try to find ones with bedazzled pearls and stones on top. You can really play around with your personality with these and go for whatever you feel like on the day.

6. Nails For Days

The easiest and perhaps fastest beauty trend for back to school however, has to be nails. Do them the night before and forget about it for the rest of the week.

You can decide whatever shape, colour, and design you are feeling. Match your outfits or simply make a statement. Doing your nails is an easy way to showcase your personality to your classmates and make a good first impression.

Whether you’re more of a nude tone gal or whether you prefer going all out, your nails can make a difference in your confidence and self-esteem.

Go online and YouTube whatever design you are thinking about. You can DIY your favourite looks or go to a salon, it’s all up to you!

Why not play up the back to school theme and incorporate some of your recent school shopping into the design?

The school truly is your playground, so have fun with it!

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