Last updated on October 4, 2022
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Selling hair products in your salon is a great way to generate more profit and appeal to clients and their needs.

There are all kinds of helpful tips for selling beauty products in your salon.

Knowing what kinds of products you should sell is helpful.

Here are some examples of haircare products you can sell in your salon.


The first product you should consider selling in your hair salon is shampoo.

Everyone needs a dependable shampoo to wash their hair on a daily or weekly basis.

It’s beneficial to carry several kinds of shampoos that cater to different hair types. 

For example, there are shampoos for fine hair, curly hair, oily hair, and hair that is prone to dandruff.


Conditioner is another major haircare product that you should carry in your salon.

There are many kinds of conditioners that target different things like damaged hair, split ends, colored hair, etc.

You want to encourage your clients to practice a healthy haircare routine, and conditioner should be a staple in that routine.

You want to provide various options to help your clients keep their hair as healthy as possible.

Hair Masks

The third product worth selling in your salon are hair masks.

Hair masks are deep, nourishing treatments that you leave in the your for a specific amount of time to replenish, revive, and restore the strands.

While you don’t necessarily need to use a hair mask every day, you should include one in your haircare routine at least once a week for strong, healthy hair.

Hair Serums

Hair serums are another popular product you can benefit from selling in your salon.

Serums are silicone-based products that you can use before styling to add smoothness and shine.

Many of these serums also have healthy ingredients for hair and can help it grow longer and stronger.

Hair Oils

The fifth product you should think about selling in your salon business is hair oil.

Hair needs oil in healthy amounts for moisture and nourishment, especially if the hair is dry and brittle.

If you have clients who constantly bleach their hair or struggle with dryness and split ends, hair oil can help them repair their strands.

Now that you know what products to sell in your hair salon, you can figure out which options are best for your business.

Make sure to advertise your new products to clients so that they know what you carry. Show them how to use the products as you style their hair.

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